Integrated Action Plans

  • The Integrated Action Plan (IAP) is developed based on the School Level Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and root cause analyses. It should be developed in concert with all applicable stakeholders, with opportunities for meaningful input and feedback from parents and community members, to ensure the plan is reflective of local context and needs.  

    The LEA-level IAP (LIAP) supports the system’s areas of focus as identified and informed by the district analysis of school Comprehensive Needs Assessments (CNAs) and school IAPs.  

    The School-level IAP (SIAP) addresses three or four areas of need identified by the school’s CNA and Root Cause Analyses.   

Prescott Unified School District Integrated Action Plan (PUSD LIAP)

  • PUSD LIAP- Principle 4 - Effective Curriculum

  • PUSD LIAP- Principle 5 - Conditions, Climate & Culture

  • PUSD LIAP - Principle 2- Effective Teachers and Instruction

School Integrated Action Plans

  • Abia Judd SIAP

  • Lincoln SIAP

  • Taylor Hicks SIAP

  • Granite Mountain SIAP

  • Prescott Mile High Middle SIAP

  • Prescott High School SIAP