Volunteer Program

  • Welcome to Prescott Unified School District’s Volunteer Program

    Schools are remarkable places where students obtain the academic, social, and emotional learning that helps form their futures. Volunteers are important role models for these young people as they provide a variety of services in the schools.

    There are many types of volunteer opportunities available with Prescott Schools, depending on the volunteers’ interests, talents, and available time. The district uses volunteers to assist students with reading and math, in the school nursing office, and in the library. There are volunteer coaches and volunteers who assist teachers and support staff with copying, filing, and other paperwork. Opportunities exist for volunteers to assist with school grounds beautification projects or annual events such as festivals and book fairs.

    Prescott Unified School District has three elementary schools, one school with grades 5-6, one middle school, one high school, and an integrated pre-school program. If you are interested in volunteering with Prescott Unified School District, or would like additional information, please contact Debbie Prieto, Volunteer Coordinator, at 928-445-5400, ext. 70140, or Deb.Prieto@prescottschools.com.

    Volunteer Levels
    The PUSD Volunteer Program has created a three-tiered system for identifying volunteer roles and the required levels of application, training and screening. Each level is described below. Please note that paper volunteer applications are no longer accepted.  

    If you have any questions about a volunteer or a volunteer assignment not described below, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at 928-445-5400, ext. 140, or email Deb.Prieto@prescottschools.com.

    Volunteer Levels and Requirements
     Level One Volunteer 
    No Online Volunteer Application 

    • School/District Committee Members - e.g. Partners in Education
    • PTO/PTA Parent Activities (excluding Coaching and/or overnight Field Trips – see Level Three)
    • Booster Club Parent Activities (excluding Coaching and/or overnight Field Trips – see Level Three)
    • Guest speakers/Presenters in classrooms under the supervision of certified PUSD employee
    •  Art Docent/Habitat presenters in classrooms under the supervision of a certified PUSD employee
    • Special project volunteers who are not working with students and are volunteering outside of regular school hours and under the supervision of a PUSD employee.  Examples include school grounds maintenance projects, event setup and cleanup.


     Level Two Volunteer 
    Online Volunteer Application 

    • Parent/Legal Guardian volunteering in their own child’s classroom or at their own child’s school event (excluding Coaching and/or overnight Field Trips – see Level Three)
    • Parents and current PUSD students working with sensitive/confidential materials in a school, program or district office
    • Service Learning Students volunteering in a school, program or district office for the term of their class assignment and under the supervision of a certified PUSD employee (excluding Coaching and/or all Field Trips – see Level Three)


    Level Three Volunteer 
    Online Volunteer Application and Criminal Based Background Check  

    • All  community volunteers working directly with students.
    • Grandparents, extended family members,students that have recently graduated high school, and college students are  considered community members.
    • All community volunteers working with sensitive/confidential materials in a school, special programs or district office.
    • All individuals working in a college work study program assigned to PUSD.
    • All coaching volunteers including parents of current PUSD students.
    • All volunteers attending an overnight field trip including parents of current PUSD students.
    • Art Docents/Habitat volunteers working during school hours.

    Application Process
    If you are interested in working as a Level Two or Level Three Volunteer, please complete the PUSD Volunteer Program online application here.

    It is the policy of PUSD to conduct criminal background checks on our Level Three Volunteers. Background checks are conducted through Sterling Infosystems Inc. Please email Deb Prieto to set-up an appointment: deb.prieto@prescottschools.com

    Volunteer Orientation
    Orientation is recommended for all Level Two and Level Three Volunteers.   During the orientation, the Prescott Unified School District Handbook will be  reviewed and discussed. The orientation is designed to provide information concerning volunteer expectations and obligations.

    Volunteer Placement Process
    The PUSD Volunteer Coordinator works with each volunteer and teacher/staff member to:

    • Determine the interests and preferences of each volunteer
    • Determine the needs of the teachers/staff who are requesting volunteer assistance
    • Match volunteers with assignments
    • Follow up with volunteers and staff to determine placement satisfaction

    Thank you for supporting Prescott Unified School District.  

    Debbie Prieto
    Volunteer Coordinator
    (928) 445-5400 ex.t 70140

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