Substitute Teacher Information

  • We partner with Educational Services, LLC, (ESI) to hire our substitute teachers.

    What you need:

    *We welcome you to apply for this position if you have already begun the process of obtaining your IVP fingerprint card and/or certificate. If you need assistance with this process, please contact us.

    To learn more about becoming an ESI substitute, please click on the link below.

    Substitute with ESI
    Contact ESI with questions
    Phone: (480) 719-3271

    Substitute Teacher Pay
    Up to 4 hours per day $50.00
    Over 4 hours per day $105.00

    Long-Term: (rate applies to substitutes filling a teaching position only)
    With Training* Up to 4 hours per day $55.00
    With Training* Over 4 hours per day $115.00
    Long-Term with Training* $130.00

    *Free 2-day training for substitute teachers is offered each summer through YCESA. Contact YCESA for next scheduled dates. Teachers who have retired from PUSD in the past 5 years are considered to be “Trained” for purposes of Substitute Teacher payment. 


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