• Goals and Objectives

    The goals and objectives of the Prescott Unified School District Purchasing Department are:

    1. Buy the right material, of the right quality, in the proper quantity, at the right time, from the proper source at the best price.
    2. Standardize educational supplies, equipment, computers, and software as far as possible without interfering with the success of the educational program.
    3. Reduce the overhead cost of buying by reducing and streamlining the flow of paperwork.
    4. Improve the speed of deliveries to users by performing purchasing action when the need is made known.
    5. Enforce contractual obligations.
    6. Instill interest in bidding by all responsible vendors who can furnish services or materials to meet the District’s specifications.
    7. Obtain fair and open competition among bidders.
    8. Treat bidders and their bids on an equal basis.