Parent Emergency Response Guide

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    The safety of children is our top priority in Prescott Unified School District. We plan and prepare for various emergency situations and work to mitigate hazards of all kinds in and around our schools. Should a critical or emergency situation ever arise in our area or on campus while school is in session, please be advised that Prescott Unified School District has a detailed emergency plan, which has been developed to respond effectively and efficiently to each situation, maximizing the use of all available resources.

    All the schools in Prescott Unified School District conduct drills throughout the year so that students and staff know how to respond to different types of emergency situations. Sometimes schools will coordinate their drills with the local police and fire department to simulate coordinated response efforts. During real events and some drills, parents will receive school status updates through automated phone messages, text messages, and/or email. The following is a list of emergency procedures that all of our schools’ practice.

    An Evacuation is called when there are conditions inside the school building that are unsafe. Students & staff evacuate the building to an outside location. Students & staff assemble at pre-determined locations away from the school buildings. A “fire drill” is an evacuation. Other reasons for evacuation may include utility outage, gas leak, chemical spill, hazardous material incident, and flooding.

    An off-site evacuation may be necessary depending on the extent of damage caused by the incident. If this occurs, school district officials will coordinate bussing students to a safe off-campus location (ex. another school, church, or community building). Instructions to pick up students will be sent out by the district automated phone, text, or email system.

    A Lockdown is called when there is an immediate threat or hazard on the school campus. Students & staff are moved (or remain) in classrooms, doors & windows are locked, and lights are shut off. Classroom activities seize until incident concludes. School administrators and district officials work with local first responders to maximize student safety. Lockdowns are implemented for a variety of reasons including; intruder/suspicious person, active shooter, bomb, severe weather, and police suspect loose.

    Shelter in Place
    A Shelter in Place is called when students & staff need to be inside the building for safety. During Shelter in Place, students & staff are moved (or remain) in their classrooms and normal classroom activities continue until the incident concludes. Shelter in place is used to provide protection against the outdoor environment.

    Some reasons for Shelter in Place include medical emergency, severe weather, hazardous material, swarm of bees or dangerous animal, civil disturbance, and police suspect loose.

    Parent-Student Reunification
    Parent-Student Reunification is a process where parents will be asked pick up their students from school in formalized, controlled release. Reunification may be necessary due to weather, a power outage, hazmat, or if a crisis occurs at the school. The goal of reunification is that all students remain safe while in the school’s care and that all students are reunited with their families.