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  • PUSD is a part of the Yavapai County Substitute Consolidation. The district contracts with Educational Services, Inc. (ESI) to provide substitute teachers—an agreement designed to increase the number of trained professionals working with our students, as well as fill opportunities and efficiency.

    The Absence Management Program is overseen by the Yavapai County Education Service Agency (YCESA) and anchored at the County Superintendent’s Office, which is the point of contact for the 13 consolidated districts and the substitutes contracted to provide absence fills within those districts.

    The coordination of substitutes continues to be managed using the SmartFind Express (SFE) absence management system. This web-based platform allows substitutes to manage job schedules and profiles, search for available jobs, and review or modify assignments across all 13 consolidated districts.

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    Substitute Teacher Pay
    Up to 4 hours per day $50.00
    Over 4 hours per day $105.00

    Long-Term: (rate applies to substitutes filling a teaching position only)
    With Training* Up to 4 hours per day $55.00
    With Training* Over 4 hours per day $115.00
    Long-Term with Training* $130.00

    *Free 2-day training for substitute teachers is offered each summer through YCESA. Contact YCESA for next scheduled dates. Teachers who have retired from PUSD in the past 5 years are considered to be “Trained” for purposes of Substitute Teacher payment. 


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