2015 Bond Override

  • On Nov. 3, 2015, Prescott Unified School District held a special election for the purpose of permitting the qualified electors to vote on four questions, as described in the Notice of Special Election, below (posted to this website 9/23/15). Voters approved all four questions.

    Notice of Special Election (all-mailed ballot election) to the qualified electors of Prescott Unified School District No. 1 of Yavapai County, Arizona


    Community forum information leading up to the Board’s decision to request a bond/override, and Community Advisory Committee for Potential Bond/Override:

    Meeting Agendas: April 27, 2015 | May 6, 2015
    Bond & Override Presentation

    Committee Q&A
    On April 7, 2015, the PUSD Governing Board directed the administration to work with the community to gain insight into the possibility of a bond and override election this fall. Assistant Superintendent Joe Howard, who will be the Superintendent effective July 1, invited approximately fifty community members to participate in two meetings at Prescott High School on April 27 and May 6.  These community members consist of parents, state legislators, city council members, local political candidates, Citizens Tax Committee members, business partners, police and fire department representatives, and more.

    At the first meeting, district administration presented information relating to the district’s budget, staffing, and a 10-year capital plan.  The rough draft that the committee considered and commented on was presented as a “bare bones” combined bond and override that would result in the same tax rate as the 2004 voter approved bond that is sun-setting this summer. Following the presentations and the resulting discussions, committee members drafted questions and concerns for district administration to address. At the second meeting, the administration presented the committee with answers to their questions, and follow-up discussion ensued on options and concerns moving forward. In addition, the expiring 2004 bond and the failed 2013 bond election were reviewed.

    The timing of this possible bond/override is based on the fact that the 2004 bond will be paid off this summer. The committee considered a $15 million bond that focuses on maintaining a responsible replacement plan for buses, technology, and building needs including roofs and flooring. (This bond proposal is nearly half of the amount of the failed 2013 bond.) In addition to the bond, the administration is presenting to the committee an override proposal of slightly less than $1 million per year. Currently, teacher salaries in PUSD are 22% below the average in Arizona. This override proposal could bring staff up to approximately 18% below the state average pay. Given the fact that the 2004 bond will be paid off this summer, the tax rate with this combined bond and override proposal would remain the same.

    Committee members were asked for input in regard to their opinion of what the community might or might not support. On Tuesday, June 2, the PUSD Governing Board will hold a study session where administration and committee members will report their findings to the Board. Later on that same agenda, there will be an open call to the public regarding a possible resolution, where the board will decide whether or not to ask these questions to the voters.

    On this page are links to various presentations, worksheets, Q&A responses, and agendas that have been shared with the Committee for their discussions.