Student Records

  • The record of a student’s progress and achievement while in school will follow wherever he/she attends school. Future schools, colleges, and employers often use the record of a student’s progress in school in determining fitness for college admission and employment. Therefore, each student is encouraged to work toward the goal of leaving a record that will be an asset to his/her future when used to determine his/her fitness for adult responsibility.

    In accordance with the “Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974” (FERPA) all school records, files, and data directly related to your student are available for your inspection and review. Removal of records is not allowed.

    • Copies of the School Board policy concerning parent’s rights related to student records are available in the Principal’s Office at each school.
    • Parent requests to inspect or review records and file date will be complied with as soon as possible but in no case more than 45 days after the requests are made.
    • A member of the school staff, as designated by the school principal, will provide explanations and interpretations of the school records. Psychological evaluations will be explained and interpreted by a district staff psychologist.


    • Either parent of a student under the age of eighteen has authority to inspect and review education records unless evidence is provided to the school district that there is a legally binding instrument, state statute, or court order, which provides information to the contrary.
    • Parents shall be afforded an opportunity for a hearing with the school principal if they wish to challenge the content or accuracy of their children’s school record. If the record is considered to be inaccurate, the parent has the right to attach a written response to any disputed item (ARS 15-154).
    • PUSD forwards records upon official request to another school in which the student has enrolled.

    Obtaining Records: Student records are maintained and released in compliance with FERPA and the Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records (ASLAPR Records Management) Retention and Disposition Schedule. Records are available from the registrar of the attending school for one year following graduation/withdrawal. After the one-year period, records may be obtained from the District Office, 445-5400. PHS academic transcripts are obtainable online from The Exceptional Student Services Office, 928-717-3236, maintains and releases special education records in compliance with FERPA and ASLAPR. Student records are confidential documents and will only be released in accordance with FERPA.