• Welcome to Badger U at Granite Mountain School!

    Before and After School Class Offerings

    Emma Gifford, Site Coordinator (928) 717-3253 ext 402 emma.gifford@prescottschools.com

    2nd Quarter Update – October 15, 2018 New Badger U Clubs Starting at Granite Mountain School:

    Girl Scouts We have started a 5th grade Junior girl scout troop at GMS! All interested 5th grade girls can join our troop. Meetings are on Tuesday after HW club until 5:20 pm. Please sign up in the front office. 6th grade families interested in girl scouts can contact Ms. Gifford at emma.gifford@prescottschools.com

    Floral Design Club We are excited to start a new floral design club on Thursdays after school in our Badger U program. Sign ups are in the office for all interested students.

    Fall 2022 Schedule (Coming Soon!)

    Want to sign up? Contact Barbara Ouderkirk at barbara.ouderkirk@prescottschools.com.

    Club descriptions: Academic (REQUIRED)

    • HW club– study hall and quiet space for students to independently do their homework with a small group of students and a teacher advisor, this is not direct tutoring
    • Math Lab- Math tutoring club for students who are struggling with grade specific math problems
    • ELA Lab- English Language Arts tutoring club for students who are struggling with grade specific reading and writing work

    Club descriptions: Enrichment (OPTIONAL)

    • Morning Grizzly Den- Get your day started with someone to check your HW and hang out with friends
    • Arts and Crafts- create and design take home items throughout the year
    • Gardening- help plant, care for, and harvest our local school garden
    • Tinkering/Coding-learn computer programming the fun way
    • Mad Scientist – learn about all scopes of science from medicine to chemistry to physics to the environment
    • Cartooning- Make up your own characters and stories
    • Guitar- learn to string, tune, and play a guitar– perform at end of year talent show/assembly
    • VEX Robotics program and build a robot to do a specific task– compete against other schools
      • This club requires CONSISTENT attendance in order to compete
    • Service Learning- Do good deeds and help out your community
    • Ed (educational) computer time- learn and have fun on our computers; educational games only!
    • Girl Talk- Girls only! Meet and hang out with girls in a safe, single gender environment.
    • Painting- learn how to paint using watercolors and acrylics
    • Bio Bosses- learn earth science and help make our campus more environmentally friendly
    • Thursday Tinkering/Coding-learn computer programming the fun way (please DO NOT sign up for both days!)
    • Harry Potter- quidditch … need we say more?

    Clubs Schedule

    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday first block: snack and academic enrichment clubs run from 3:30-4:20 PM Students not participating in an enrichment club need to be picked up at Abia Judd at 4:25 PM.
    • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday second block: 4:25-5:15 PM The bus will leave promptly at 5:23 to get students home earlier.
    • Wednesday’s first block: snack and academic enrichment from 1:15- 2:15 PM Students not participating in an enrichment club need to be picked up at Abia Judd 2:20 PM
    • Wednesday’s second block: 2:20-3:30 PM The bus leaves promptly at 3:35 PM.
    • There are no clubs or club buses after school on Fridays.

    Buck Club


    Badger U mascot

    What is Badger U?

    BADGER U is the place to be for all Prescott Unified School District students, preschool through grade 12. Think of Badger U as your one-stop shop for all things extracurricular, encompassing all opportunities outside of regular classroom hours—including after-school clubs, athletics, and summer school—at all seven of our school campuses

    Badger U serves to further the PUSD academic program with enriching student experiences, as well as guiding your child’s path from preschool through senior high school. Today, your students might be Lincoln Lions, or Granite Mountain Grizzlies, but one day they will be Badgers! And at Badger U, your child will be developing 21st-century skills and engaging with their school community while participating in fun activities. Combine this with an exceptional staff, and Badger U is just the place for your student today and the leaders of tomorrow.