Ryker Lavers is a Pre K student at Taylor Hicks.  “I knew from the moment he started school that he was a special boy. Ryker is kind, smart, fun, and is a great friend to all his classmates in our room.  He is kind to all the other children and helps them by showing them how to build or sharing a toy. At home, Ryker loves to be outside. He loves to ride his bike, go camping, play with his cousins and his best friend. He loves helping his mom and dad whenever possible. He has the most contagious laugh and heart melting smile.

At school after a camping trip, I always ask him what was the best thing he ate while camping, and he always replies:  My Dad’s Orange Chicken!  Then, that heartwarming smile and the contagious laugh!”
– Mrs. Trudy, Discovery Gardens Preschool

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