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Substitute Teacher Information

PUSD is a part of the Yavapai County Substitute Consolidation. The district contracts with Educational Services, Inc. (ESI) to provide substitute teachers—an agreement designed to increase the number of trained professionals working with our students, as well as fill opportunities and efficiency.

The Absence Management Program is overseen by the Yavapai County Education Service Agency (YCESA) and anchored at the County Superintendent’s Office, which is the point of contact for the 13 consolidated districts and the substitutes contracted to provide absence fills within those districts.

The coordination of substitutes continues to be managed using the SmartFind Express (SFE) absence management system. This web-based platform allows substitutes to manage job schedules and profiles, search for available jobs, and review or modify assignments across all 13 consolidated districts.

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Substitute Teacher Pay

Up to 4 hours per day $50.00
Over 4 hours per day $105.00

Long-Term: (rate applies to substitutes filling a teaching position only)
With Training* Up to 4 hours per day $55.00
With Training* Over 4 hours per day $115.00
Long-Term with Training* $130.00

*Free 2-day training for substitute teachers is offered each summer through YCESA. Contact YCESA for next scheduled dates. Teachers who have retired from PUSD in the past 5 years are considered to be “Trained” for purposes of Substitute Teacher payment. 


General Questions

Q. Are all substitutes working for the District affected by this change?

A. Yes, all substitutes who wish to work for the District will do so through ESI.

Q. Is there a screening or interview process required to join the program with ESI?

A. No, you have already been approved and recommended for hire by the District so there is no screening process or interview required. ESI will obtain a background check for employment purposes as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Q. What information will I need to provide to ESI to be hired?

A. In order to begin employment with ESI, you will need to complete the new hire onboarding process, plus provide copies of the required documents requested. A list of these documents will be provided to you during the process. The list can be found on their website under “Employee Forms.”

Q. How will I accept a substitute position with the District next year?

A. The process for you to accept a substitute position will not change.

Q. Will ESI provide enrollment assistance with the application process?

A. Yes, ESI will provide on-site enrollment assistance on May 18 and 19, 2017, at the County Superintendents Office.


Q. If I choose to participate in the District’s substitute program, will my paycheck come from the District?

A. No, your paycheck will come from ESI because ESI will now be your employer of record. A copy of ESI’s payday calendar can be on their website under “Employee Forms.”

Q. How often will I be paid by ESI?

A. ESI pays on a bi-weekly schedule throughout the year.

Q. Will my substitute pay change while working for ESI?

A. No, your hourly or daily pay rate will not change while working for ESI.

Q. Will I have to pay ESI a fee?

A. No, ESI will not charge you a fee to participate in the District substitute program.

Q. Do I need to complete a timesheet?

A. This process will not change and you should continue to follow the normal arrival/departure protocol when you have an assignment.

Q. Does ESI offer direct deposit?

A. Yes, ESI’s new hire onboarding process will allow you to enroll in direct deposit. It is important to know that your first paycheck with ESI may be a paper check, but all future paychecks will be deposited directly into the account of your choice.

Q. How will I receive a copy of my pay stub?

A. You will have the ability to view and print your pay stub online through ESI’s online employee portal. Login instructions will be provided to you by ESI during the new hire onboarding process.


Q. What are the professional benefits of being an ESI leased employee?

A. Through its partnership with the District, ESI offers all employees access to free, online, on-demand continuing education. You can take advantage of such courses as “Building Relationships with Students,” “Basic Proactive Classroom Management,” “Giving Effective Praise,” and more. In addition, ESI offers classroom observation and feedback. The District and ESI are also dedicated to recognizing excellence. ESI’s Substitute-of-the-Month program and other campaigns recognize employees who are so critical to a school’s success. Monthly outreach calls to you and your colleagues allow ESI to gain valuable feedback and thank you for your continued service.

Q. Will I receive sick leave, personal leave, and vacation time as an ESI employee?

A. Effective July 1, 2017, you are entitled to accrue one hour of paid sick time for every 30 hours worked. Earned paid sick time is to be utilized for an employee’s medical care, an employee’s need to care for a family member, a public health emergency, or addressing domestic violence.

Q. Does ESI offer a way for me to save for retirement?

A. ESI offers a 401(k) plan that will allow you to shelter income on a pre-tax basis, which lowers your current year taxable liability and increases savings for retirement. The 401(k) plan has no waiting period, but you must be at least 21 years of age to participate.

Q. Am I eligible for benefits when I work for ESI?

A. Variable-hour employees are not eligible for benefits initially. Federal law states that an employer is required to measure the hours worked for variable-hour employees in order to determine whether annual hours indicate eligibility for health plan coverage in the future. A variable-hour employee is an employee who, at the time of hire, cannot be determined to be reasonably expected to work an average of at least 30 hours per week. To determine your eligibility in the future, ESI will track the hours you work over a 12-month period starting with the first day of the first month following your date of hire. If it is determined that you are eligible at the end of the 12-month measurement period, you will be offered medical plan coverage at that time for the following 12 months (coverage is never available retroactively).

Q. Does ESI offer anything for those first 12 months?

A. ESI does. ESI’s free SingleCare program focuses on making health care affordable for everyone. The free membership provides discounts on a wide range of healthcare services like outpatient health-care visits, prescriptions, dental and vision services, chiropractic and physical therapy, and other health-related services that insurance may not cover.

Q. If I am a retiree, will my employment with ESI affect my retirement with the Arizona State Retirement System (ASRS)?

A. No, your employment with ESI will not impact your retirement with ASRS.

Q. If I am an early retiree, will there be a limit on the number of days that I can work next year?

A. No, since ESI is not an ASRS employer, the 20/20 provision does not apply and the number of days worked will not be limited.

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