NOTE: The information in this handbook is accurate at the time of publishing; however, items may change throughout the school year. This is designed to be a guideline but is not all encompassing.



FACULTY DIRECTORY Mile High Faculty Directory and Websites CONTACT INFORMATION 300 South Granite Street Prescott, AZ 86303 Phone: (928) 717-3241 Attendance Phone Line: (928) 717-3241 Dial 1 at voice prompt Fax: (928) 717-3298 District Office: (928) 445-5400 SOCIAL MEDIA


Who to contact regarding:

  • Classroom issues – Teacher
  • Grades, homework – Teacher
  • Discipline/behavior – Assistant Principal
  • Scheduling questions – Academic Advisor
  • Curriculum/teacher concerns – Principal
  • General school information – Secretary
  • Attendance – Attendance Secretary
  • Health issues – School Nurse
  • Cafeteria/food service – Cafeteria Manager
  • Athletics – Coach and/or Athletic Director


Prescott Mile High Middle School is proud to be a “Capturing Kids Hearts” school. This means that we place a high priority on taking steps to ensure that positive relationships are developed between every teacher and every child and that the students are taught ways to positively interact with one another. There are many steps we take to create this positive environment. Among others, they include:

  • Greeting each student at the door every period with a handshake.
  • Beginning each class with a few minutes dedicated to allowing students to share some positive things in their lives. We call call it “Good Things.”
  • Teaching students how to affirm other people.
  • Empowering students to take an active role in their class and the school.
  • Building class “Social Contracts” and holding students accountable if the contract is not followed.
  • Having students learn leadership and communication skills.
  • Ending each class with a “Launch” (a review/summary of the day and a positive message).


Prescott Unified School District strives to support Every Child, Every Day. In order to do this, students must be in school.

Reporting Absences

Regular school attendance is essential for success in school; therefore, absences shall be excused only for necessary and important reasons. Such reasons include illness, bereavement, other family emergencies, and observance of major religious holidays of the family’s faith. Only a parent or guardian can excuse an absence. Absences may be excused by emailing the attendance clerk, sending a note to school, or by calling our attendance office at (928) 717-3241 ext 1. Parents/Guardians should notify the school within twenty-four (24) hours of when the absence occurred. We understand that in some situations, notifying the school within 24 hours is not possible. In these situations, please notify the school as soon as possible. However, no absences can be excused after two weeks beyond the date of absence.

Chronic Attendance Issues

Arizona State law (ARS 15-803) and PUSD policies state that student absences are identified as excessive at eighteen days missed (excused or unexcused). We understand that absenteeism is a complex issue and we take steps to help families in need of support. However, the following steps may be taken to ensure regular student attendance:

  • Students may be restricted from certain school incentives (dances, field trips, etc.) for unexcused or unverified absences.
  • All absences in excess of the eighteenth absence (excused or unexcused) will be marked as unexcused.
  • Parents/Guardians may be contacted via phone and/or email to discuss attendance issues.
  • A referral to the Juvenile Court Services WRAP program.
  • The school may contact Prescott PD and/or a School Resource officer to follow up on attendance concerns.
  • A Truancy citation to the Yavapai County Attorney’s office be issued.

Late Arrivals – Students are expected to be in their 1st period class ready to begin at 8:10 a.m. Students who arrive to class between 8:10 a.m. – 8:20 a.m will be marked tardy by the teacher and face the consequences outlined in the next section. Students who arrive more than ten (10) minutes late to their first class must sign in at the Attendance Office to receive a pass to class. The Attendance Office will send the student to class with a pass. Late arrivals need to be cleared with either a phone call or a note from a parent/guardian upon the student’s arrival to school. Tardies to Class – At Mile High, the beginning of every class is a very important time and it is essential for students to be on time. Teachers use this time to greet students, share “Good Things,” and review the day’s agenda and objectives. If a student is tardy (without a pass from a staff member), the following consequences will be applied in an effort to prevent future tardies.

  • 1st tardy to a class – Warning
  • 2nd tardy to a class – Classroom intervention
  • 3rd tardy to a class – Classroom intervention and parent contact
  • 4th tardy to a class – Referral to the office for 3 days of lunch detention
  • 5th + tardy to a class – Referral to the office for 3 additional days of lunch detention per tardy

Student attendance can be tracked in PowerSchool. Below is a list of codes used:

  • EXC Excused Absence
  • ILL Illness
  • MED Medical/Dental Appointment
  • ACT School Activity
  • Testing Student is testing
  • TEX Excused Tardy
  • ISS In School Suspension
  • OSS Out of School Suspension
  • UNV Unverified Absence
  • UNX Unexcused Absence
  • TUN Unexcused Tardy
  • OTH-PRS – Student is present and accounted for but not in class as normal. Usually this occurs when a student is in the office, nurse, working in another classroom, or other miscellaneous reasons.


Before a student withdraws or transfers parents/guardians must notify the registrar of where and when the student is moving. Please contact the office at least one day prior to leaving so that proper check-out procedures may be accomplished and all school property returned. The parent MUST sign an official withdrawal slip.


Please notify the office of any change in phone number, physical address, or e-mail address. It is important to have this information to keep lines of communication open and in case of an emergency.


Parents should be aware that FERPA forms are available should anyone desire restrictions concerning personal information and the disclosure of material to the media, etc. A parent may request that their student not be photographed or that his/her name or personal information not be disseminated. Please note that this could also include omission from the yearbook. Additionally, we are required by the State to inform parents that an AHERA plan is available at the office for your perusal. Copies of school inspections are also available.


In an effort to alleviate classroom interruptions we request that parents limit phone and text messages to students for emergencies only. If a message MUST be given to a student please be sure to give the office enough time to get the message delivered. Items may be dropped off at the office to be delivered to students. Parents must check in at the main office and should not go directly to the student, into the hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, etc. There is a telephone located outside the office for student use. Students must report to their class and get a pass before using the phone. Students are also expected to get permission from office staff to use this phone. Please note: If a call from the school shows up on caller I.D., we have no way to determine who made the call. Please listen to messages before calling the school. If there is no message please assume it is not an emergency.


As part of campus security, all visitors are required to check into the Attendance Office for an official Visitor Badge. Parents wishing to visit a classroom need to obtain permission from an administrator beforehand. Students are not allowed to bring guests to school classes or dances.


Textbooks are provided by the school district. Teachers appreciate any assistance parents may give for specific supplies needed for their class. Students will be advised by their teacher what may be required. Students are responsible for textbooks. If a book is lost or damaged beyond reasonable wear, a charge will be issued.


During schedule pick-up class fees will be collected. Class fees are $45. These fees cover additional costs such as literary and exploratory supplies, science lab fees, student t-shirt, and promotion. These fees do not include physical education uniforms or yearbooks.


Misplaced items will be turned into the main office. Unclaimed items will be donated to a charitable organization at winter break and the end of the school year.



A 90 – 100 Superior
B 80 – 89 Good
C 70 – 79 Average
D 60 – 69 Poor
F 0 – 59 Failing


Quarter 1 Aug. 2 – Oct. 5
Quarter 2 Oct. 15 – Dec. 21
End Semester 1
Quarter 3 Jan. 7 – Mar. 8
Quarter 4 Mar. 18 – May 23
End Semester 2

Report cards will not be printed and sent home. Families will be notified when grades are finalized and ready to view on Powerschool. Parents can contact the Mile High office to request a printed report card. Student progress may be checked on PowerSchool at any time. Contact the office if you need a log-in and password.


If a student is absent from class s/he is responsible for making up missed work, tests, etc. Students will have as many days equal to the number absent, without penalty, to complete missed work assigned during the absence period. Any previously assigned work is expected on the due date or on the day returning from an absence. When students are aware of an absence in advance, students are expected to contact the teacher in advance to discuss what will be missed. It is the responsibility of the student to email the teacher to request any homework and assignment instructions. Students may access Teacher Websites/Homework Web to view the week’s agenda and assignments. Teachers are allotted twenty-four (24) hours to provide the requested homework.


Mile High typically has one dance during each of the first three quarters in which all students are invited to attend. At the end of the school year there is an 8th grade dance held at Prescott High School. School dress code applies to all dances. Only current students may attend. Dances are held in the gym from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Students must be picked up promptly at 8:00 p.m. Eligibility to attend dances will be based on behavior, attendance, academics, and payment of any fees.


P.E. uniforms may be purchased through the P.E. teacher for a fee ($18). Students may also purchase their own P.E. items, which should include red shorts, a gray t-shirt, white socks, and sneakers. Clothing should be laundered weekly and the student’s name should be clearly printed on each item. Any student who must be excused from PE due to medical reasons should present a signed note or email from a parent/guardian. Any excuse for a period longer than 3 days will require verification from a medical doctor.


PMHMS competes on an interscholastic level. We offer:

  • 1st quarter: Volleyball (girls) Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
  • 2nd Quarter Wrestling Girl’s Basketball
  • 3rd Quarter Boy’s basketball
  • 4th Quarter Soccer (Boys and Girls) Track

Each sport requires a NEW parent permission form, school or private health insurance, and payment. A physical is required to participate in wrestling. No athlete may participate in any sport if they are 15 years old before Sept. 1st of the current year. Mile High enforces a no pass, no play policy.

Athletic Grade Check Policy

  • Grades will be checked for all students participating in athletics every Monday.
  • If a student has a failing grade (F) at the time of the grade check, they will be put on probation for the week (until the following Monday). They will be allowed to play the week they are on probation. During the week of probation, they are expected to talk to their teachers, their coach, and their parents about what they can do to improve their grade.
  • If a student was put on probation for a week due to a failing grade and they are still failing the following Monday (same class or a different class) the student will be ineligible and not allowed to play or travel with the team that entire week/weekend even if the grade is brought up during the week.
  • Grades will continue to be checked every Monday. If a student on probation has brought up their grade to a passing grade they will be allowed to play. If they still have a failing grade, they will continue to be ineligible.
  • Students will be allowed to practice regardless of grades.
  • Students will be notified by their coach on Monday. It is the responsibility of the student to notify their parent of their eligibility status. Parents are also encouraged to check PowerSchool to stay aware of their child’s grades.

Mile High administration will make the final determination in matters of student eligibility. For Athletic schedules, contact information, and to register an athlete, visit


In addition to athletics, Mile High is partnering with “The Launch Pad” to provide other opportunities for students to engage in clubs and activities after the school day is over. The Launch Pad is a community organization that provides programming that is culturally relevant to teens in Yavapai County. Through this partnership, students at Mile High will be eligible to receive tutoring when needed and participate in programs of their interest at the Launch Pad (on the Prescott College campus). Transportation from Mile High to The Launch Pad will be available. In addition to the clubs offered at The Launch Pad, there are clubs offered at the Mile High campus as well. Clubs options are subject to change, but some of the clubs offered may include:

  • Game Club
  • Drama Club
  • Anime Club
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Christian Club
  • Green Team (Garden, Environment)
  • Robotics


The library is open from 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. for checking out books, reading, homework, and research. Students in good standing with the library may check out up to 2 books at a time for 2 weeks. A fine of 10-cents per book per school day will be charged for late returns. Payment will be required for any lost or damaged books. Students must pay all fees to attend and participate in extra school events (ie School Dances, Incentive Days, Promotion). Appropriate behavior is expected while students are in the library. The PMHMS library is a member of the Yavapai Library Network (YLN). Students may utilize the online catalog to request materials that circulate from other YLN libraries. Any materials not considered appropriate juvenile literature will not be circulated to students. During school hours students must have a pass to visit the library.


Students who would like to meet with the Academic Advisor must sign in and request a meeting in the main office. Students should note if they have an academic or personal issue to discuss. Please note that Academic Advisors are not trained therapists. Therapeutic counseling is also available to support the emotional needs of our students.


Children need healthy meals to learn. Prescott Unified School District offers healthy meals every school day. At Mile High both breakfast and lunch are served. Students can choose from a variety of menu options. While in the cafeteria, students are expected to:

  • Deposit all litter in the trash
  • Leave the table and floor around the eating space clean
  • Keep food and drink in the cafeteria. Food may not be taken outside, into the hallways, or classrooms.

Additional information on the district food and nutrition program as well as free and reduced lunch is available by going to PUSD Food Service Website or by calling (928) 717-3232.


Bus service is provided for students who live beyond two miles from the school. Remember, it is a privilege to ride the bus, not a right. Disciplinary action will be taken for misbehavior on the school bus. Unacceptable behavior could result in the suspension of bus privileges. Parents will be responsible for transporting students to and from school should they be restricted from riding the school bus. Students may not leave campus and return to ride the bus. If you have any questions regarding bus schedules please contact the school or bus barn at 717-3229 or visit the Transportation Website.


Students must have a pass to see the nurse. Do not use passing period except in the case of an emergency. Injuries or illnesses that occur outside of school are a parental responsibility and should be taken care of at home. If a student needs to take medication during the school day the medication must be given to the school nurse in the original container with the student’s name on it. Prescription medication can only be given with written permission. Medication forms are available from the school nurse. All medication will be kept in the nurse’s office. Any medication sent to school without the original container and instructions will not be given. Asthma inhaler – if a student carries an inhaler for severe asthma he/she must have written parental permission on file. All necessary medication must be cleared and arrangements for dispensation made through the school nurse. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY – Every attempt will be made to contact a parent/guardian. If PMHMS cannot reach anyone listed on the student’s emergency contact list and it is deemed necessary, the fire department will be contacted. If needed, the student will be transported by ambulance to the hospital. PMHMS will not be responsible for cost incurred.


Any behavior that interferes with or disrupts the educational process will be handled according to frequency and severity of the offense with disciplinary measures imposed at the discretion of the administrator.

The Prescott Mile High Middle School Administration reserves the right to determine discipline to whichever level is deemed to be appropriate for the infraction committed.

An attempt will be made to contact parent/guardian by phone for any out of school suspensions and/or incidents involving a violation of law. Discipline action by a school administrator or law enforcement officer is not contingent on parental contact or consent. (PUSD Policy J.H)


According to Dan Olweus, creator of Bullying Prevention Program, “A person is bullied when he or she is exposed, repeatedly and over time, to negative actions on the part of one or more other persons, and he or she has difficulty defending himself or herself.”

This definition includes three important components:

1. Bullying is aggressive behavior that involves unwanted, negative actions.

2. Bullying involves a pattern of behavior repeated over time.

3. Bullying involves an imbalance of power or strength.

Bullying is NEVER acceptable. Mile High teachers and administrators investigate all incidents of bullying and take appropriate action to address the issue. Click HERE to see the Prescott Unified School district’s definitions and policies concerning bullying. You can visit the Arizona Department of Education Bullying Prevention Website for additional information and resources.

Discipline Matrix

The following is a guide for possible disciplinary measures at Mile High.  Absence from the list of additional misbehaviors does not preclude disciplinary action, nor does it imply limitations to the disciplinary action. (PUSD policy J-4634 JK-ED)

NOTE: This matrix is designed to be progressive in nature, however administration reserves the right to use administrative review when deemed necessary.

Level 1 Infractions Consequence Options:

Classroom Disruptions


Disrespectful Behavior

Dress Code Violation

Electronic Devices/Cell Phones

Inappropriate Language

Not following Directions

Personal Display of Affection (PDA)


Unprepared for class

Violation of School Policy

Verbal Warning


Teacher/Student Conference

Teacher/Parent/Student Conference

Loss of Privilege

School/Community Service

Behavior Plan

Confiscation of property

Zero Credit

Referral to counselor or peer mediation


Note: An accumulation of Level 1 Infractions may result in Level 2 or 3 consequences.


Level 2 Infractions Consequence Options:






Minor Aggressive Act (Hitting)

Network Infraction

Out of Bounds (Within School Grounds)

Severe Defiance/Disrespect

Severe Disruption


Refusal to Complete Assignments

Repeated Discipline Violations

Unexcused Absence(s)

Unsafe Behavior

Verbal Provocation

Lunch Detention

School/Community Service

Behavior Plan


In School Suspension (ISS)

Out of School Suspension (OSS)

Long Term Suspension


Note: An accumulation of Level 2 Infractions may result in Level 3 consequences.


Level 3 Infractions Consequence Options:



Bomb/Chemical/Biological Hazard Threat



Dangerous Items

Disorderly Conduct

Drugs and Related Paraphernalia


Ethnic Slurs



Fire Alarm Misuse

Firearms (Weapons Violation)




Indecent Exposure


Knife (Weapons Violation)

Major Disruption of the Educational Process

Possession of Stolen Property

Out of Bounds (Off Campus)



Sexual/Nonsexual Harassment


Tobacco and Related Paraphernalia

Possession of Stolen Property

In School Suspension (ISS)

Out of School Suspension (OSS)

Long Term Suspension


Referral to Law Enforcement

NOTE: It is not practical or feasible to include all possible student behaviors that may be deemed inappropriate or against school rules.  Therefore, any misconduct not specifically cited in this code is subject to definition and judgment of the building administration.


The administration and staff reserve the right to employ administrative judgment in disallowing any clothing, accessories, jewelry, backpacks, and/or notebooks which could include any trends or fads that are distracting to the educational process, atmosphere, climate, or that pose a safety issue. The PUSD motto is Dress for Success. Our objective is to promote personal safety and personal hygiene, encourage positive behavior and respect for self and others, promote positive peer images, and show respect for family and community expectations. This dress code is in effect during school hours and during school events. This includes dances, sporting events, and traveling on a PUSD bus. Exceptions to portions of the dress code may be allowed during designated school spirit days or other events at the discretion of the administration. The following are allowed:

  • Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times.
  • All shorts and skirts must be mid-thigh. Modesty and decency will be considered in determining appropriateness.
  • Sleeveless shirts, blouses, and dresses are allowed as long as the strap of the attire is the width of the student ID card and undergarments are not exposed. No Razor back t-shirts.
  • Shirts with low cut necklines cannot be lower than the armpit.  Armholes must not fall below 2 inches from the armpit.
  • Untucked shirts must cover the midriff when arms are raised above the head. (No bare midriffs)
  • Pants, shorts and skirts must fit natural at the waist with no low-riding waist.

The following are not allowed:

  • Clothing with obscene words, slogans, double meanings, sexual content, acts of violence, or anything that can be interpreted as immodest or indecent.
  • Any clothing promoting the use of, advertising for, or depicting alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
  • Any type clothing, head covering, hand signs or gestures interpreted as gang membership/affiliation.
  • Head coverings, including but not limited to hats, do-rags, bandanas may not be worn inside any of the buildings at anytime during the school day or school functions.
  • Hair coloring that causes a classroom disruption.
  • No sunglasses may be worn indoors.
  • Articles of clothing or jewelry, which cause damage, maintenance problems, or present any safety concerns.
  • Jeans with holes may not violate the mid-thigh dress code rule.
  • Chains are not allowed on wallets, hanging out of pockets to include metal beads.
  • Tattoos are not permitted. Existing tattoos must be covered. Students are not to draw or write on themselves or others.
  • Make-up, perfume, cologne, hairspray, body spray and all personal hygiene items are not allowed in class or hallways. P.E. Teachers will monitor proper use in the locker rooms.
  • Boy’s shirts must have sleeves; no tank tops or sleeveless shirts are allowed. If sport jerseys are worn they need to have a t-shirt underneath.


Possession or use of personal electronic communication devices by students is permitted provided that: Such devices do not disrupt the educational program or school activity. Such devices are kept in the “off” position in the building during school hours unless the teacher has expressly permitted their use. The devices are permitted by the school administration and are used in accordance with school guidelines. Students will not be dismissed from classes to make or answer telephone calls or texts. Students may not take or share unwanted pictures of other students or staff members with their cell phones or any other device as it is a violation of the privacy rights of individuals. Taking and/or sharing unwanted photos of others is considered a form of cyberbullying and disciplinary action will be taken. Staff members who find that a student’s cell phone is disruptive will confiscate the item which the student can pick up from the office at the end of the school day for the first infraction. Teachers will confiscate and file a behavior referral for any infractions that occurs after the first and parents/guardians will be required to pick up these confiscated items from the office. Electronic devices (such as IPOD, MP3 players and/or cell phones) may be used on the campus before and after school hours, but not in the building, classes, or academic settings unless permission is given by the teacher. At the discretion of the teacher(s) in charge, cell phones may be brought on field trips. That teacher may determine when and if phone use is permitted. Students should carefully consider before deciding to bring valuable electronic devices onto campus. The school and/or district is NOT responsible nor does it have insurance to cover students’ lost or stolen property. Students may report theft, damage or vandalism to the police department. If a cell phone is found, administration may use the numbers on the phone in an attempt to contact parent/guardian.


Prescott Mile High Middle School allows students to carry backpacks with them throughout the school day. Backpacks should be small enough to fit underneath a student desk. Teachers may also designate areas of the classroom where backpacks can be stored during the class period. If a student brings a backpack to school, they are responsible for carrying it with them to each class. Students should not leave backpacks in the hallway or other areas when they are not needed for a class. Students are responsible for bringing their backpacks to the cafeteria and monitoring them when on the field. Students participating in the orchestra and band programs will be allowed access to classrooms to drop off and pick up their instruments before and after school. Athletic gear should be dropped off in the Athletic lockers in the main gym each morning. Small, valuable items may be checked in and out of the front office. Students are encouraged to keep their lunch boxes in their backpacks but students will have the opportunity to drop their lunches off at a designated place provided in the cafeteria. The school reserves the right to inspect or search a backpack. School officials may conduct searches upon “reasonable suspicion” that a search will turn up evidence of either a violation or potential violation of law or school policy. (New Jersey vs. T.L.O., 1985).

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