Dear Prescott Mile High Middle School Students and Families,

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. This is a school with a rich history and tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, music, arts, and helping young people develop into productive citizens of our community. I am excited for another great school year and I am pleased that you and your family will be with us on this journey. The middle school years can be both rewarding and quite challenging for many students and families. We have an incredible staff that understand this age group and care a great deal about seeing your child through this often turbulent time. Every one of our staff is trained in the “Capturing Kids Hearts” model and implements it daily in an effort to develop positive Student-Teacher & Peer-Peer relationships, while still engaging students in a rigorous, standards-based curriculum.

Middle School is a time when young people are transitioning from little kid to young adult. It is a time when students should be exploring a wide range of interests and be introduced to many new concepts and skills. Our school provides numerous opportunities for students to explore their individual talents and interests, both curricular and extra-curricular. We are proud that our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and will follow many different paths. We try to provide as many opportunities as possible to support their journey. We hope that your child takes advantage of these opportunities and fully participates in both their classwork and some extracurricular activities as well. It is this commitment and involvement that helps prepare the students for the demands of high school and beyond. We hope families explore our website in order to learn what our school offers and to stay informed and up to date. Please click on to the Migh High Bulletin for a stream of updates throughout the year. There is also a link to PowerSchool which allows parents to access their child’s grades and attendance at any time.

The middle school years have a lot to offer. However, a strong partnership between home and the school is essential for a positive and successful experience. Feel free to contact us at 928-717-3241 if you have any questions. Thank you for being a part of the Mile High Middle School family.

Andy Binder, Principal

Principal Andy Binder


Andy Binder, Principal

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