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The theater production classes at Prescott High School have worked long and hard to put together the fall production of Sleeping Beauty, Briar Rose.  Since the COVID metrics are rising, we are being required to limit the audience members for our live performances to immediate family only (parents), on only one night.  This will give us an audience of no more than 20 people for each night.  This is an unfortunate turn of events, but the only reasonable response due to the steep rise of COVID cases in Arizona.

We are still able to put on a live performance, and that is a blessing.  We will be able to livestream the performances each night, if you would like to see the show, here are the links to the three performances.


December 3:

December 4:

December 5:

If tickets have already been purchased, you will be refunded the money.  The family that is coming must have physical tickets to the evening they plan on attending, which will be given to the cast and crew at our dress rehearsal Tuesday afternoon.  We will have to take everyone’s temperature at the door, and masks and social distancing are required.

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