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Prescott High School Class of 2020 Graduation UPDATE

**Please review the following information as details have been added**

**Note all the highlighted information and summary checklist provided**

KYCA will begin coverage of our graduation parade and ceremony at 8:45 am on Saturday, August 8th. The broadcast will begin with recorded presentations from administration and student leaders.  The KYCA broadcast team will switch to a live feed of the graduation ceremony on Bill Shepard Field beginning at 9 am. 

Please share with friends and family who cannot attend that the entire broadcast can be accessed on KYCA radio 103.5 FM and 1490 AM as well as online at the following links:


Arrival Protocol

  • Each graduate, along with up to 4 family members or guests, will be assigned to arrive on campus in one-minute intervals. 

    • Please review the marching order and each graduate’s check in time on the 2020 Graduate Walking Partner List that is attached to this document.  

    • The staggered schedule is in place to assure that we are honoring health and safety guidelines that restrict the size of gatherings so we ask that all who participate arrive 5-10 minutes before the assigned check in time and leave the campus as soon as your group has completed the parade..

    • Graduates and family will enter through the gate located outside the 300/500 hallway and enter the main building through the 100/500 hall door at their assigned time.

    • Your route through campus will end at the south parking lot, and you will return to your car from there via sidewalks. 

      • Families are encouraged to walk up Ruth Street, but we will have transportation by golf cart available for those in need.

      • Families can also have someone drop you off in the north lot and pick you up in the south lot, you are welcome to arrange for this.

  • All who attend will be required to wear masks.  A mask will be provided for anyone who may not have one. We ask that each participant wear a mask at all times, other than when taking photos.

  • Seniors are encouraged to wear their cap and gown, with any honor cords you have earned. Graduates are allowed to decorate their caps if they choose.

Final Walking Tour of PHS Campus, Farewell from PHS and PUSD Staff 

Station 1 – Corner of 100/500 Hall

  • Each graduate and their family will check in, put on masks, and receive an item commemorating the occasion.

Station 2 – Corner of 300/500 Hall

  • Take picture in front of the Badger Strong banner.

  • PHS Grad Night Committee drawing for donated prizes.

    • Prizes and refreshments will be picked up in the south lot at the end of the tour.

Station 3 – Corner of 200/300 Hall

  • Families and guests can take pictures of their graduate as they sign the Congratulations Class of 2020 banner with the names of all the graduates. 

Station 4 – Lobby

  • Graduates may staple one of their graduation announcements, a picture, or a small goodbye message to the bulletin board.

  • Please bring a graduation announcement, picture, or written message.

Station 5 – Main Gym

  • Graduating Senior video message recorded by 🦡 Badger Media 🦡

    • Record a short video that offers a reflection of your time at PHS, a thank you to a teacher or parent, a congratulations to yourself and your fellow classmates, or just simply say goodbye and promise us you will come back to tell us all about what you discovered out there.

    • Go to A MESSAGE FROM THE CLASS OF 2020 link for more information and post your video. 

  • Your videos will be edited together and later posted to YouTube (we will send out a link).

  • We will share the finished video on our school and district media accounts and outlets as well.

Station 6 – Ruth Street Theatre

  • Class of 2020 celebration video from May 22nd will loop on the stage screen, as families walk through.

Station 7 – Bill Shepard Field

  • Each graduate will walk across the stage.

  • Each graduate’s name will be announced.

  • Pictures will be taken on stage and as each graduate leaves the stage.

  • The KYCA broadcast team will provide commentary as each graduate crosses the stage.  Please complete the CLASS OF 2020 GRADUATE BIO so the broadcasters have material they can refer to as they properly honor each graduate.

Station 8 – South Lot

  • Grad Night committee will distribute a prize to each participating Senior, according to their ticket drawn in the main building. 

  • Refreshments will be available for graduating Seniors, courtesy of the Grad Night committee.

  • Diplomas and yearbooks will be distributed to those who have not received them

**For the safety of all participants and their family members, we respectfully ask that families not congregate on PHS campus before or after your tour.**


  • Share with friends and family who cannot attend that the entire broadcast can be accessed on KYCA radio 103.5 FM and 1490 AM as well as online at the following links:


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