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PHS Graduates Certified to Work

by | May 24, 2019

Prescott High School and Mountain Institute CTE Automotive students are ready to start their career.

ASE CertifiedSeniors Jacob Chase, Travis Towne, and RJ Howell recently passed their Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test, earning a certification in Engine Repair and Maintenance and Light Repair. The PHS students took the test at Mountain Institute CTED facility and were notified immediately that they passed all tests while wrapping up their senior year in just a few days.

Travis Towne is planning to expand his automotive knowledge by attending Yavapai College. He started the PHS auto class when he was just a sophomore. He heard about the course as a freshman and was very interested in where it could take him. Three years later, he has earned the ASE certificate, which will stand out to potential employers in the automotive fields. Travis stated, “This program prepped me for the test and allowed me to feel confident.”

While Jacob Chase is still figuring out what his next phase of life will look like, PHS’s auto teacher, Chris Predmore, stated that Jacob has the qualities to become a service writer. This position requires a multi-faceted person with managerial skills, honesty, and the knowledge of the automotive world. Jacob hopes to use his auto skills not only for personal use but to also help with his family and friends’ vehicles.

ASE Certificates

RJ Howell will be attending Universal Technical Institute (UTI) in the fall of 2019. UTI is a trade school focusing on basic automotive and diesel vehicles. RJ’s passion with vehicles started young when he worked on cars with his dad and grandfather. It was only natural for him to start taking the auto class at PHS as a sophomore. RJ stated, “Taking PHS’s auto class made me further realize that I wanted to do this as a career.” Having the ASE certificate will allow him to work at an auto shop mechanic, helping him pay his way through college.

Teacher Chris Predmore said, “It has been a pleasure to teach these young men interested in learning more about the automotive industry whether for their personal use or furthering their careers. It has been a joy to see them grow personally and educationally.”

Any way you put it, they worked hard and seized an opportunity that Prescott High School and Mountain Institute CTED offered them. With certificate, and soon diploma, in hand, the young men are armed for the next phase in their lives.


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