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PHS Families,

The new school year is almost here, and we are excited to welcome you back! Please note the following:

1) School starts at 8:00 a.m. (7:10 for Early Bird classes) this Thursday August 6! Our schedule this Thursday and Friday includes each PHS class, both days. Starting next week, we will alternate days for “face-to-face” classes and independent work in classes. Please look carefully at our initial PHS distance learning schedule, and ask your teachers if you have any questions.

2) We are still working on requested schedule changes, so students may see changes in PowerSchool still. However, 95% of classes are set, and teachers have reached out to students via their email accounts with invitations to their Google Classrooms. PLEASE HAVE YOUR CHILD CHECK THEIR SCHOOL EMAIL and join those classes, so they will be ready Thursday morning. Parent/guardian invitations to these same classes are also coming your way soon, so parents can provide their children as much supervision and support as you and they desire or need.

3) Representatives from Yavapai College will be on PHS campus one again tomorrow from 8 am to noon to assist students in dual enrollment classes with wishlisting and YC enrollment. Also look for them at PHS Thursday from noon to 3 pm. Please find these great folks in the lobby of the Ruth Street Theater.

4) PHS is very popular!! Our Academic Advisors are working like crazy to enroll over 200 new PHS students, in addition to the 300+ we already enrolled from Mile High Middle School. Whenever they can come up for air, we are working hard together on the 533(!) requests for student schedule changes we have received so far. See this message from our Academic Advisors:

Welcome back to an exciting new school year! We ARE receiving and answering emails at this time!  Thank you for your patience, as we are hard at work, enrolling new students, making schedule changes and answering emails.  If you send us an email we will respond in the order it is received, and as quickly as possible.  To avoid any delays here are some common answers to questions that you may have…

  1. Where can I view my schedule?

Student schedules are available via PowerSchool.

  1. Trouble accessing your PowerSchool account?


  1. Need a schedule change?

  1. Wanting to Enroll in PUSD?

Please keep in mind that the quickest way to receive a schedule change is via the form; please do not email your request as it slows down our response to other important emails.


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