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The Athletic Department at Prescott High School would like to communicate with the community to help advertise the new policies and times that the track and field will be open at PHS.


We are excited for our community to use the facilities but also are very aware of the large investment that has been made.

Most high schools with a competition-grade track and artificial turf field do not open these to the public, to avoid intentional or unintentional damage.

However, at PHS we want to make these facilities as available

to the community as we can, while protecting the investment of taxpayer dollars on behalf of our schools.

We have created some guidelines for public use of the track and field;
(please click here for full list of guidelines and policies)
  • The track may be used by community members during daylight hours, when school is not in session (outside the hours of 7:45 am and 3:00 pm).
  • The track and field may only be used by community members when PHS teams or community rentals are not on the track or field for a sports practice or a game.
  • (Since practices/games are held on the track and/or field most school days until 5:30 or later, the track will be most available during morning hours, weekends, or school holidays.)
  • We ask that only water and athletic shoes be on the track and field areas. No food, sports drinks, bicycles, pets, chairs, etc.


Missy Townsend, CAA

Athletic Director, Prescott High School

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