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Prescott High School uses Mathematics Vision Project (MVP) for our Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 classes. The curriculum is a dynamic approach to learning math, one which is designed to be significantly different than a traditional textbook approach.

From the student section of the MVP website:

The MVP way of learning mathematics requires much of you, the student. The classroom experience has been carefully designed to help you make sense of the mathematics by presenting it within a context that invites you to use your own logic and reasoning skills. During the explore part of the lesson you will be given the opportunity to create your own strategies for thinking about the situation and finding a solution. During the discussion you may be asked to share your strategy, and you will see how other students in the class thought about the problem and organized their thinking. Your teacher will structure the discussion to help you focus on the important ideas, adopt efficient strategies, and make connections to prior learning. The lessons in the modules will give you many opportunities to become fluent and flexible with the mathematics you are learning. Don’t get discouraged if you aren’t good at the math in the beginning of the unit. Just like learning to ride a bike, learning mathematics is a skill that develops over time. In the beginning, you have to try. Then each day that you work at it, the mathematics will become easier until you will be surprised by how much you know and how capable you’ve become.

Two skills that a student doesn’t usually associate with learning mathematics is listening and note-taking. Most students know they should listen to the teacher, but often they don’t realize that they can learn the most by listening to their classmates, when they are sharing how they think about the mathematics they are doing. During the classroom experience, listening is a practice of learning and note-taking involves keeping a record of learning.

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