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A registered nurse is available during classroom hours for emergencies, injuries, illness, and consultation. The Health Center is not a substitute for a student’s health care provider. If a student wakes up not feeling well, or has a temperature greater than 100 degrees, he/she should stay home. Students who become ill while in class must obtain a pass from their teacher and report to the nurse. Contact with a parent/guardian must be made prior to sending an ill student home. Students requiring physician-prescribed medication during the school day must have medicine registered with the school nurse (this includes inhalers and epi-pens).

  • Students must have a current immunization record to enroll or attend school.
  • Students must have permission to treat form signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Freshman and Special Education students will undergo vision and hearing screening during the school year.
  • Students may be referred to the nurse for a welfare check.
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