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PHS Parents and Students,

As spiking community COVID metrics have caused all 3 local school districts to shift back to Distance Learning, we are enhancing Distance Learning procedures at PHS to increase consistency in all classes and to further support student success.

Many PHS teachers currently require all students to check in to their classes via Google Meet at the start of each class. Teachers take attendance during this time, and then either have all students remain online for the full class time, or teachers give specific instructions and support for a class period of independent learning by students. Beginning Monday December 7, all PHS classes will require every student to check in via Google Meet at the beginning of each class period M-Th, as outlined in the document linked below. We will continue to follow our current daily class schedule, and Fridays will continue to be independent At Home Learning days for all students (with specific assignments from each class), as noted in the document.

In addition, we are re-sharing each of the important policy documents we shared with all families last week. Please look carefully over the linked documents below regarding Final Exams, planned adjustments to PREP, and attendance appeals. At this time, we assume that teachers will be back in person with most students soon in January, and we plan to move forward with adjustments to Semester 2 PREP as outlined in the document. 

We share your hope that all community members will take appropriate actions to reduce the spread of the virus, so that we can be back in a form of in-person learning as soon as possible. 

Thank you,
PHS Administration

PHS Distance Learning Schedule & Expectations, Dec 2020

PHS Final Exam info December 2020

PHS PREP adjustments January 2021

PHS Attendance Appeals for semester 1

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