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PHS Art Students Complete Mural for City of Prescott

by | Mar 13, 2019

City of Prescott mural

Art students from Mrs. Chartier and Mrs. Hein’s advanced art classes at Prescott High School recently completed a mural for the City of Prescott. This opportunity is a result of a collaboration between City Hall and the Prescott High School Art Department.Student working on mural

The mural features a birds-eye view of the historic downtown area, stretching to outlying neighborhoods. Detailed vignettes of treasured local landmarks and recreational activities, enjoyed by locals and visitors, frame the grid of city streets. Playful javelina flank scenic vistas of Thumb Butte, Lynx Lake, P-Mountain, Granite Mountain, and the Dells. Our many lakes, variety of wildlife, local schools, and parks are featured throughout the map.

Students working on mural

Dedicated artists spent hours on their free weekends during the month of January to complete the 4’x8’ masterpiece in acrylic paint. These talented art students include Rachel Sparks, Carly Davis, Mayela Steele, Samantha Stewart, Emily Hobson, CeeJay Pestana, Ashlyn Braithwaite, Arden Cherry, Sophie Trevino, and Madison Sherman.Art students and mural

The mural proudly hangs in the recently remodeled City Hall where it can be viewed by the public during office hours.

 Students in front of mural


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