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PHS CTE Registration for 2020-2021 courses

Career and Technical Education (CTE) are courses that provide an academic foundation with hands-on skills lab experience. These courses provide great skills that can translate to future career pathways and college courses of study. Some of the courses provide college credit as well. Before Spring Break, Mrs Woods presented to all Sophomores and Jrs about the possible courses they can take. Freshman students had exposure to this in their Freshman Academy class. This link, CTE presentation, is the slideshow Mrs Woods presented to all students. 

To register for ANY PHS CTE course or ANY MICTED/CTE course for the 2020-2021 school year please follow these directions. If you need assistance, contact Mrs Woods –

  1. Go to
  2. Click on REGISTER at the top – it looks like the picture below:
  3. Fill out all the basic registration form (all the boxes with a red asterisk are mandatory fields to fill out) – please use your email address
  4. When you get to the bottom of the form, select the program you want (see the below picture) – remember a few things –
  5. MICTED/CTEC Central Campus courses are either in the morning (6:45-9:15am) or the afternoon (1:15-3:45pm) PLUS you will have 4 classes at PHS campus in addition to these courses.PHS courses Satellite Campus Program(Sports Med, Animation, Auto, Film/TV, Digital Communications, Business, JROTC, and Network Securities/CyberSecurity) – these courses will fit seamlessly into the regular day



  6. You will then hit the SUBMIT button – once the page loads, it is going to give you an error message “ took too long to respond” – you have DONE! You have successfully completed the form. Please let me know you have any questions

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