Student Personal Item Pick-Up–PLEASE READ:

 We are writing to invite you to do a brief drive by school on Monday, May 18th to both pick up personal items and to drop off any school items you may have. This process for distribution of your items and return of school items has been approved by the Yavapai County Health Department, and is outlined below.

***No student or parent should exit your vehicle. No congregating in the parking lot or on the sidewalk, please.***

STATION 1 — Returning Lincoln School Items You Have At Home

Pull into the parent pull through on Park Ave., going north as you would for student drop off or pick up.

  • Please be ready to return any textbooks, Lincoln library books, etc you have at home in one stack, NOT in plastic
  • For any returning student work packets, please be sure your child’s name, teacher and grade level are clearly written on the front and all pages are secured

 STATION 2 — Distribution of Student Items From Classrooms

  • Continue driving forward through to station #2.
  • Give your student’s grade, teacher and full name to the staff member Lincoln staff with masks and gloves will deliver all personal items that were left at school in labeled plastic bags. This will include personal desk items, spring pictures and yearbooks (if ordered), artwork, musical recorders, lost and found items if labeled, etc.

STATION 3 — Keep pulling through for Lunch Pick-Up if needed

Feel free to grab free lunch!! If you are ONLY picking up lunch, there will be room for you to just pull into the same place (at the corner) and grab it and go.

STATION 4 — Collecting Checked Out PUSD Chromebooks

IF you checked out a Chromebook from PUSD please pull forward and turn right for station #4.

  • A member of our IT staff will be available to check your chromebook back
  • Report cards will not be released if a student has not returned their Chromebook.


Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we try to close out our year at Lincoln School.

Karen Hughes Principal,
Lincoln Elementary School

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