Lincoln School – An amazing place to learn, grow, and thrive

by | Dec 15, 2018

By Karen Hughes, Principal, Lincoln School

When I was asked to write a short article about something wonderful happening at Lincoln School this year, I had to think for a moment. There are so many great things happening at Lincoln, where do I start?! We are rocking our new math curriculum. We have the most supportive and wonderful families and students in town. We have such great programs for any level of learner. We are rich with traditions and history.

Then I thought for a moment…no matter the day, the season or the event, what we really have in this 110-year-old learning institution that makes it so special are the people. I have walked the halls of this building over the last 20 years as an NAU teacher candidate, a parent, a substitute, a PTA mom, a teacher, and now as principal. No matter which lens I view it through, Lincoln has always been an amazing place to learn, grow, and thrive. The staff members that walk these red brick halls are incredible.

Lincoln School

I’d like to tell you about them. I’m not going to tell you about their paychecks or their long hours. We’ve talked about all that before. I’d like to share with you the side of these professionals that I see every day. I have shared these thoughts with parents but I think our larger community would like to know how amazing they are and how much they care about every single kid.

I could not be more proud of each and every person on this staff. They are the men and women who help take care of your child every day. They are not only highly educated and experienced professionals, they are…superhuman!

  • They have hearts that magically refill with enough love for ALL of their students every single day.
  • They can tie shoes, put on band-aids, spell really hard words, and eat their lunch all at the same time!
  • They worry about your child at night when they can’t sleep.
  • They can go a REALLY long time without going potty!
  • They share everything they have with every child that walks in their door — from their own food to their lunch money.
  • They spend hours making sure your child LOVES school.
  • They make mistakes, but every day is a fresh start.
  • They are strong enough to lift even the heaviest of burdens off little shoulders with a hug, a touch, or a warm smile.
  • They love your child with all of their heart, which is why they refer to your children as “My kids.”

Students at Lincoln School

We are so lucky that they chose Lincoln School to share their expertise, their wisdom, and their hearts. I couldn’t ask for a better work family. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, successes and opportunities, but they work together each and every day to insure the best experience and education for Prescott’s children.

Love, Karen Hughes, Principal –  Lincoln Elementary School


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