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Governing Board Agenda – Nov. 6, 2018

District Office – Board Room, 300 East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona
5:00 PM
NOVEMBER 6, 2018

Members of the Governing Board will attend either in person or by telephone conference call. The Governing Board may consider any item on this agenda in any order and at any time during the meeting. Copies of agendas and supplementary documentation relative to public meetings are available from the Superintendent’s Office during normal work hours 24 hours prior to meeting and on the evening of the meeting. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at (928) 445-5400. Requests should be made as early as possible to arrange the accommodation.

Mission Statement
Providing extraordinary opportunities through a variety of programs and challenging curriculum.
Uniting the PUSD family of students, staff, and community members through positive relationships.
Supporting exceptional staff through on-going individualized professional development.
Developing a highly educated, civic-minded, and productive community, one student at a time.

Vision Statement
Prescott Unified School District educates students to be confident, lifelong-learners prepared to achieve their full potential in a complex, interconnected world.



1. CALL TO ORDER – President John Mackin

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA – President John Mackin

A. Consider approving the agenda as presented.


A. Welcome – President John Mackin

B. Pledge of Allegiance


A. Consider approving the minutes from the Governing Board Regular Study/Voting Session of October 2, 2018, as presented.

Board policy requires approval of minutes.
Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent


A. PUSD College/Career Update
Presenters: Mr. Andy Binder, PMHMS Principal, Mr. Mark Goligoski, PHS Principal & Ms. Kendra Hobson, YCESA College & Career Specialist

B. Zeitz Presentation
Presenter: PHS German Students

C. Instructional Minute
Presenter: Mrs. Kelli Bradstreet, Director of Instructional Support


A. Summary of Current Events

1. Superintendent

a. Current Events, Celebrations, and Recognitions

b. November, 2018 PUSD Calendar of Events.


2. Governing Board Members


A. CONSENT AGENDA – All those items listed below may be enacted by one motion and approved as Consent Agenda items with or without discussion. However, any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately if a Governing Board  member so requests.

The resolutions included in the Consent Agenda have been posted in order to waive the reading of the body of the resolutions. Consider approving the Consent Agenda as presented.

1. Consider approving the certified and classified personnel actions, as presented.

A copy of the personnel report has been attached for review.

Presenter: Mrs. Christa Simmons, Director of Human Resources

2. Consider approving the donations, as presented.

Board policy requires acceptance by the Governing Board of all donations. A copy of the donation report has been attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

3. Consider ratifying the vouchers, as presented.

Arizona Revised Statutes requires approval/ratification of all vouchers. A copy of the voucher report has been attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

4. Consider approving the Student Activities Fund Statement of Receipts and Disbursements, as presented.

A copy of the reports have been attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

5. Consider approving the renewal of IFB #15-21-20 for Waste and Recycling Management Services,as presented.

The Governing Board is asked to renew the award for Waste and Recycling Management Services. This will be year four of five possible years. This contract allows the District to use a waste and recycling service with blended bins. R7-2-1003.58 allows for renewals of multi-term solicitations.

Recommendation that the renewal of the award for Waste and Recycling Management Services go to:
Patriot Disposal

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

6. Consider approving the use of AZ Control Specialists as Sole Source procurement, for the 2018-2019 school year, for a Service Contract for the Delta System that controls our HVAC system, as presented.0

Procurement guidelines require the Governing Board to approve the listing of vendors that are utilized as “Sole Source.” Sole Source is when no reasonable alternative exists. This Vendor from the Sole Source listing will be used as required.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

7. Consider approving the revised list of Student fees and Extracurricular fees for 2018-2019 school year as presented.

School District Governing Boards are required to adopt student fees annually at a public meeting. PUSD is revising the list to include a “Chromebook Insurance Fee” for each site. Parents may voluntarily pay $30 and if their child damages a Chromebook, and then the parent will not be charged for the full repair or replacement cost.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer


1. Consider approving an out-of-country travel request from Robert Ernst, German and English Teacher at PHS, for the Prescott-Zeitz Sister City foreign exchange to Zeitz, Germany from May 30-June 16, 2019, as presented.

This trip allows PHS students to participate in the Prescott-Zeitz Sister City Exchange Program along with students from Bradshaw High School. We will be taking approximately 6 PHS students on this trip. They will be staying with host families in Zeitz, Germany, attending daily classes in a Zeitz high school, giving presentations on life in Prescott, and taking day trips to nearby cities to deepen their German language skills, explore German culture, and serve as cultural ambassadors from the Prescott Area. Robert Ernst, German Teacher at PHS, and a chaperone from Bradshaw High School, an employee to be decided, will serve as chaperones on this trip. Plane flights will be conducted through a district travel agent. The itinerary in Germany is organized by our colleagues in Zeitz. The cost of the plane fare for students will be sponsored and subsidized by a donation from the Prescott-Zeitz Sister City organization as well as tax credit funds. In addition, the German Club at PHS will raise the rest of the money themselves. Room, board, and travel in Germany will be taken care of by the Sister-City Organization in Zeitz and by the Zeitz host families.

Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent

2. Consider approving a Memorandum of Understanding between Yavapai County Education Service Agency and Prescott Unified School District regarding College and Career services, as presented.

This agreement will direct the responsibilities of the agencies in delivery of college and career services related to supporting students with: career interest assessments,  presentations and workshops on college and career readiness topics, FAFSA applications, college and scholarship applications, ACT/SAT test prep, among other college and career readiness topics supporting students with post-secondary goals.

Services under this agreement are intended to provide supplemental support to students in determining post-secondary plans and attainment for college, military, or vocational training. Services under this MOU are intended to be provided in the 2018 – 2019 school year.

Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

3. Consider approving Prescott High School track project to be funded with bond monies, and Prescott High School artificial turf field project to be funded with building sales monies, as presented.

For nearly three years, administration and track and field experts have studied and researched many different solutions and options to try and refurbish the Prescott High School track and field. After careful consideration, administration is recommending for reasons of safety, efficiency, and longevity, that it is time to replace both the track and field with sustainable products to serve the students’ and community’s best interest in the long term. Although these expenditures do not typically require governing board approval, it is the hope of the administration and governing board that we be as transparent as possible with our community and allow our elected officials to weigh in fully on the decision. The benefits of these facilities are civic and community assets and the only ones of their kind in Prescott. Attached is a cost analysis and information to give full detail on the project.

Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

4. Consider adopting Policy Services Advisory, Volume 30, Number 4, from September, 2018, regarding Policy Advisory Numbers 644-645, as presented.

Governing Board BGB requires first and second readings of all proposed policy adoptions and approval by the Governing Board, this is the second reading of the proposed policies and the Board will be asked to adopt the policies after the second reading. Any Regulations and/or Exhibits have been attached for review and do not require Governing Board approval.

Presenter: Ms. Mardi Read, Assistant Superintendent

5. Consider adopting EngageNY math curriculum for 7th and 8th Grade, as presented.

The 7th and 8th grade PMHMS math teachers analyzed 2017 – 2018 math data and discovered the scores for their grade levels have been low in comparison to our other levels; the data showed there is need for change; the data continually drops each year for the same cohort and the percentages tend to get lower each year. They came to the conclusion that there was a need to look a curriculum options as a way to affect change. The math curriculum team explored 3 separate math curriculums (Glencoe Math Course 2 & 3, EngageNY and Open Up Resources). They brainstormed criteria that was important to them as they evaluated each math resource. The team had a discussion about each resource and determined that they would like to use EngageNY as their math curriculum.

Presenter: Ms. Mardi Read, Assistant Superintendent

6. Consider approving a return, out-of-state trip, to Linahon Music Studios in Claremont, California of 4 PHS Jazz Band students and Mr. Dan Bradstreet, as presented.

The Prescott High School jazz band has made two trips to California in the last two years to professionally record a jazz Album. Mr. Dan Bradstreet was recently contacted by Mr. James Linahon, recording engineer. Mr. Linahon has requested that 4 students and Mr. Bradstreet return to California to touch up some inaccuracies in one song. The song is an important aspect of this project, otherwise Mr. Bradstreet would cut the song.

The schedule for that day (Nov. 26, 2018) is as follows:
5:00 AM depart PHS, Prescott, AZ
10:00 AM arrive Linahon Music Studios, Claremont, CA
3:00 PM depart Linahon Music Studios, Claremont, CA
9:00 PM arrive PHS, Prescott, AZ

Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent


1. Mr. Moore has prepared the November, FY19 School Board Summary Budget Report for your review.

2. Meeting Dates:
Regular Study and Voting Session, December 4, 2018 @ 5:00 pm, District Office Boardroom

3. Other Dates:

Veterans Day Holiday, Monday November 12, 2018. No School. District Offices closed.

PUSD Thanksgiving Break – November 21-23, 2018

61st Annual ASBA Conference and Awards Banquet December 12-14, 2018

4. Future Agenda Items
The public is invited to request future agenda items. The request must be in writing on the form provided and turned into the Board Secretary at the beginning of the meeting or prior to the agenda item. The form must provide a very specific agenda item to be considered by the board. The public member may state the agenda item to be considered, however, no description or conversation may take place at this time. The Board may not respond to questions or comments from the public, but may ask the superintendent to respond when appropriate. The Governing Board President or district office designee will contact the person making the request as of the status of the requested future agenda item.


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