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Governing Board Agenda – July 10, 2018

District Office – Board Room, 300 East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizon
5:00 PM
JULY 10, 2018

Members of the Governing Board will attend either in person or by telephone conference call. The Governing Board may consider any item on this agenda in any order and at any time during the meeting. Copies of agendas and supplementary documentation relative to public meetings are available from the Superintendent’s Office during normal work hours 24 hours prior to meeting and on the evening of the meeting. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at (928) 445-5400. Requests should be made as early as possible to arrange the accommodation.

Mission Statement
Providing extraordinary opportunities through a variety of programs and challenging curriculum.
Uniting the PUSD family of students, staff, and community members through positive relationships.
Supporting exceptional staff through on-going individualized professional development.
Developing a highly educated, civic-minded, and productive community, one student at a time.

Vision Statement
Prescott Unified School District educates students to be confident, lifelong-learners prepared to achieve their full potential in a complex, interconnected world.


1. CALL TO ORDER – President John Mackin

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA – President John Mackin

A. Consider approving the agenda as presented.


A. Welcome – President John Mackin
B. Pledge of Allegiance


A. Consider approving the minutes from the Governing Board Study/Voting Session and
possible Executive Session of June 19, 2018, as presented.

Board policy requires approval of minutes.
Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent


A. Prescott Frontier Rotary – Grapes for Grades Presentation

Presenter: Prescott Frontier Rotary

B. Instructional Minute

Presenter: Kelli Bradstreet, Director of Instructional Support


A. Summary of Current Events

1. Superintendent

a. Current Events, Celebrations, and Recognitions

2. Governing Board Members


A. CONSENT AGENDA – All those items listed below may be enacted by one motion and approved as Consent Agenda items with or without discussion. However, any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately if a Governing Board member so requests.

The resolutions included in the Consent Agenda have been posted in order to waive the reading of the body of the resolutions. Consider approving the Consent Agenda as presented.

1. Consider approving the certified and classified personnel actions, as presented.

A copy of the personnel report has been attached for review.
Presenter: Mrs. Christa Simmons, Director of Human Resources

2. Consider approving the donations, as presented.

Board policy requires acceptance by the Governing Board of all donations. A copy of the donation report has been attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

3. Consider ratifying the vouchers, as presented.

Arizona Revised Statutes requires approval/ratification of all vouchers. A copy of the voucher report has been attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

4. Consider approving the Student Activities Fund Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for June 2018, as presented.

A copy of the report has been attached for review.
Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

5. Consider approving IFB: 18-32-23 for Off-Site Refueling, as presented.

The District issued IFB: 18-32-23 for Off-Site Refueling on May 24th, 2018. It was advertised on May 24th and 31st in the Official Newspaper of the County. The District received 1 bid, 3 no bids, and 19 bid downloads. School Procurement Rule R7-2-1032 states “If only one responsive bid is received in response to an invitation for bids, an award may be made to the single bidder if the school district determines in writing that the bidder is responsible, that the price submitted is fair and reasonable, and that either other prospective bidders had reasonable opportunity to respond, or there is not adequate time for resolicitation”. Price offered is determined to be fair and reasonable. We have been using this vendor in the past and the district has determined it is the best vendor for pricing, quality and availability. When our district sent out a bid for Off-Site Refueling Stations, this was the only company that responded. Our recommendation is to award Bennett Oil for the 2018/19 school year and up to four renewals.

Presenter: Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer


1. Consider recessing the regular meeting to hold a Public Hearing to discuss the Fiscal Year 2019 Expenditure Budget.

2. Consider adjourning the Public Hearing and reconvening to Regular Session.


1. Consider adopting the Fiscal Year 2019 Expenditure Budget, as presented.

According to A.R.S. 15-905, the district must adopt a budget no later than July 15, 2018. A copy of the Proposed Budget is attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

2. Consider approving the Fiscal Year 2019 Capital Plan for the School Facilities Board as presented.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: A Capital Plan for Prescott Unified School District must be approved by the Governing Board and submitted to the School Facilities Board annually. School districts considered as “growing” school districts mush submit an annual Capital Plan following Governing Board approval. Due to enrollment fluctuating in the Prescott Unified School District it is recommended the Capital Plan for 2018-2019 be submitted with “NA” (not applicable) to indicate the school district is not intending to access any additional square footage at this time.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

3. Consider approving the list of Student fees and Extracurricular fees for the 2018-2019 school year as presented.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: School District Governing Boards are required to adopt student fees annually at a public meeting. Please see the attached list of fees.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

4. Consider approving students recommended for early entrance into kindergarten for the 2018-2019 school year, as presented.

RELEVANT INFORMATION: The parents of seven (7) children have requested early entrance into kindergarten. in accordance with Governing Board Policy JEB, Entrance Age Requirements, four (4) of the children have participated in early entrance screening using the Brigance Screening Tool. After completing Kindergarten screening, two (2) children demonstrate academic, language, and motor skill readiness and are recommended for kindergarten. Screening results have been shared with the parents, building principals, and the Superintendent. Three (3) children will be screened at the end of July. If those students qualify at that time, we will bring their admission into kindergarten to the board in August.

Presenter: Ms. Mardi Read, Assistant Superintendent

5. Consider approving an Intergovernmental Agreement between Prescott Unified School District, No.1 and Chino Valley Unified School District, No. 51, as presented.

PUSD and CVUSD wish to make this Intergovernmental Agreement to provide services for CVUSD ED-P students at PUSD, and to provide transportation to and from CVUSD for CVUSD ED-P students. The IGA is attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

6. Consider approving a non-financial agreement between Yavapai College and Prescott Unified School District for the purpose of providing supervised clinical training for students from the college taking Nursing or Allied Health Courses, as presented.

This non-financial agreement is for the purpose of delineating the duties and responsibilities of the parties as Prescott Unified School District provides clinical training for students of the School of Health & Wellness, Nursing Department at Yavapai College, taking Associated Nursing Degree Courses. All training shall adhere to the established protocols set forth by the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Revised Statues.

If approved by the Governing Board the new agreement would be in effect until July 31, 2023.

A copy of the Agency Affiliation Agreement is attached for review.

Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Assistant Superintendent

7. Consider approving a REVISED renewal agreement to provide a Child Nutrition Program for Sacred Heart through Prescott Unified School District’s Food Service Program from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019, as presented.

On June 19, 2018, the Governing Board voted to accept the food contract between PUSD and Sacred Heart. Once approved, it is submitted to ADE for final approval. Although the same contract verbiage was used from last year’s contract, ADE rejected the contract and asked for it to be revised with additional language and clauses. The language and clauses do not change what is going to be provided to Sacred Heart, but makes procedures and practices formal by having them in the contract. Due to ADE rejecting the contract, we need to have the Governing Board vote on the item again.
See attached, the list of revisions and the revised agreement.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer


1. Mr. Moore has prepared the FY 2018 End-of-year, School Board Summary Budget Report for your review.

2. Discussion Item: Consider reviewing Policy Services Advisory, Volume 30, Number 2 from June, 2018, regarding Policy Advisory Numbers 616 – 624, as presented.

Governing Board BGB requires first and second readings of all proposed policy
adoptions and approval by the Governing Board, This is the first reading of the
proposed policies and the Board will be asked to adopt the policies after the second
reading. Any Regulations and/or Exhibits have been attached for review and do not
require Governing Board approval.
Policy Advisory No. 616 NEW…………………Policy DICA — Budget Format
Policy Advisory No. 617……………………….. Policy DIE — Audits/Financial
Policy Advisory No. 618…………………………Policy DJ — Purchasing
Policy Advisory No. 619…………………………Policy DJE — Bidding/Purchasing
Policy Advisory No. 620…………………………Policy FEA — Educational Specifications
for Construction
Policy Advisory No. 621…………………………Policy GBEAA – Staff Conflict of Interest
Exhibit – GBEAA-E
Policy Advisory No. 622…………………………Regulation IHBA-RB — Special
Instructional Programs nd Accommodations for Disabled Students
Policy Advisory No. 623…………………………Policy JFABB — Admission of Exchange
and Foreign Students
Policy Advisory No. 624…………………………Policy JL — Student Wellness
Regulations JL — RA and JL — RB

Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent

3. Meeting Dates:
Special Meeting, July 31, 2018 @ 5:00 pm, District Office Boardroom
Regular Study and Voting Session, August 7, 2018 @ 5:00 pm, District Office Boardroom

4. Future Agenda Items
The public is invited to request future agenda items. The request must be in writing on the form provided and turned into the Board Secretary at the beginning of the meeting or prior to the agenda item. The form must provide a very specific agenda item to be considered by the board. The public member may state the agenda item to be considered, however, no description or conversation may take place at this time. The Board may not respond to questions or comments from the public, but may ask the superintendent to respond when appropriate. The Governing Board President or district office designee will contact the person making the request as of the status of the requested future agenda item.


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