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Governing Board Agenda – March 5, 2019

District Office – Board Room, 300 East Gurley Street, Prescott, Arizona
5:00 PM
MARCH 5, 2019

Members of the Governing Board will attend either in person or by telephone conference call. The Governing Board may consider any item on this agenda in any order and at any time during the meeting. Copies of agendas and supplementary documentation relative to public meetings are available from the Superintendent’s Office during normal work hours 24 hours prior to the meeting and on the evening of the meeting. Persons with a disability may request a reasonable accommodation, such as a sign language interpreter, by contacting the Superintendent’s Office at (928) 445-5400. Requests should be made as early as possible to arrange the accommodation.

Mission Statement
Providing extraordinary opportunities through a variety of programs and challenging curriculum.
Uniting the PUSD family of students, staff, and community members through positive relationships.
Supporting exceptional staff through on-going individualized professional development.
Developing a highly educated, civic-minded, and productive community, one student at a time.

Vision Statement
Prescott Unified School District educates students to be confident, lifelong-learners prepared to achieve their full potential in a complex, interconnected world.


1. CALL TO ORDER – President Tina Seeley

2. APPROVAL OF AGENDA – President Tina Seeley

A. Consider approving the agenda as presented.


A. Welcome – President Tina Seeley
B. Pledge of Allegiance


A. Consider approving the minutes from the Governing Board Study and Voting Session of February 5, 2019.

Board policy requires approval of minutes.
Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent


A. PUSD Appreciation / Facilities
Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent

B. School Safety – Emergency Response
Presenter: Mrs. Stephanie Hillig, AJ Principal & Steven Steinke, School Liaison Officer

C. Instructional Minute
Presenter: Mrs. Kelli Bradstreet, Director of Instructional Support


A. Summary of Current Events

1. Superintendent

a. March 2019 PUSD Calendar of Events


2. Governing Board Members


A. CONSENT AGENDA – All those items listed below may be enacted by one motion and approved as Consent Agenda items with or without discussion. However, any item may be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately if a Governing Board member so requests. The resolutions included in the Consent Agenda have been posted in order to waive the reading of the body of the resolutions. Consider approving the Consent Agenda as presented.

1. Consider approving the certified and classified personnel actions as presented.

A copy of the personnel report is attached for review.

Presenter: Mrs. Christa Simmons, Director of Human Resources

2. Consider approving the donations as presented.

Board policy requires acceptance by the Governing Board of all donations.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

3. Consider ratifying the vouchers as presented.

Arizona Revised Statutes requires approval/ratification of all vouchers.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

4. Consider approving the Student Activities Fund Statement of Receipts and Disbursements for February, 2019, as presented.

Please see the attached reports.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

5. Consider approving a Waiver of Conflict regarding agreements with The Yavapai County Attorney through the Yavapai County School Superintendent entered into during Fiscal Year 2019-2020, as presented.

They Yavapai County Attorney, along with her deputies (hereinafter collectively the “YCAO”), has been asked by Tim Carter, the Yavapai County Superintendent, to provide legal services in connection with agreements and templates for agreements with Yavapai County through the Yavapai County School Superintendent entered into during FY 2019-2020 concerning the following services:

• E-Rate;
• Substitute Teacher Consolidation;
• Data Housing; and
• Nursing, therapy (including, but not limited to, physical, occupational, and speech), psychology, counseling, behavioral health, autism screening, and special education.

Yavapai County Attorney’s Office (YCAO) maintains an attorney-client relationship with the Yavapai County School Superintendent and PUSD, and may periodically provide legal advice to them. The YCAO recognizes that Prescott Unified School District No. 1 may have independent legal counsel. Nonetheless, the YCAO maintains an attorney-client relationship with Prescott Unified School District No. 1 as the YCAO may periodically provide legal advice to it pursuant to A.R.S. 11-532. PUSD No. 1’s “client” status does not change even if it uses independent legal representation. It is also possible that Prescott Unified School District No. 1 may eventually ask the YCAO for legal services concerning this matter. (See letter attached)

Presenter: Mr. Joseph W. Howard, Superintendent


Discussion regarding the proposed boundary changes.

By law, the district is required to hold two public hearings prior to voting on any boundary revisions. This is the first hearing. The second hearing will be held at the April 2, 2019, board meeting in order to give the public a chance to give their comments regarding proposed boundary changes. After the second hearing, the Governing Board may then vote on this item. Please see attached.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

1. Consider adjourning the regular session and moving into a Public Hearing for a Call to the Public in order to discuss the proposed boundary changes.

2. Consider adjourning the Public Hearing and reconvening back into regular session.


1. Consider taking action to temporarily suspend the District’s restriction against the presence and consumption of alcohol on district grounds, specifically for Prescott Mile High Middle School Football Field, for eight special events as requested by the City of Prescott Recreation Services, as presented.

According to Governing Board Policy BGF – Suspension/Repeal of Policy, the Governing Board has the authority to temporarily or permanently suspend by a majority vote the operation of any section or sections of Board policies not established and required by law or vested by contract. Legal counsel has stated that the Governing Board has the authority to temporarily suspend the restriction regarding alcohol, but that the “No Tobacco” policy must be enforced and cannot be waived. Special events in the City of Prescott are an important part of the fabric of our community. Not only do they generate a positive economic impact for the community, they create a positive image for our visitors and residents and demonstrate support for local charitable organizations. Allowing the use of the proposed space will help to grow these events and the associated benefits while relieving congestion in the downtown area for the traveling public and local businesses. The revenue generated for PUSD from these eight events is expected to be $18,000.00.

The eight events are as follows:
•  June 1st – Party in the Pines to benefit the PUSD Education Foundation
•  June 15th – Mile High in the Sky to benefit the Caborca Sister Cities
•  July 6th – Prescott Water Wars event to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona
•  July 27th – 28th – Shootout on Whiskey Row
•  August 10th – Mile High Brewfest to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Arizona
• August 24th – 25th – Fall Crown Tournament Event
• September 22nd – Oktoberfest to benefit Zietz Sister City
• October 26th – Walk for the Animals to benefit the Yavapai Humane Society

Presenter: Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent

2. Consider approving the new course proposals and modifications to current courses from Prescott High School to be offered during the 2019-2020 School Year, as presented.


NEW – Calculus BC – The number of younger students (grades 5-8) enrolled in higher level math classes continues to grow in the district. As a result, these students begin to run out of options for available math courses on campus. Currently, there are 7 students enrolled in AP Calculus AB who are currently in 10th or 11th grade and will be forced to take classes off campus next year without this new course.

Students will be able to remain on campus for their math classes in 11th or 12th grade, receiving the continuity of support and stable learning environment. I have individually spoken with all 7 students, as well as their parents, and all are interested in this opportunity. Additionally, one parent is actively assisting the process of writing a grant to cover the costs of training.

The textbook that will be used is free, for both students and the teacher, through It is available for print, if students prefer a paper copy of the text.

NEW – Freshmen Academy – Freshman Academy is a one-semester course to help new high school students prepare for success at PHS. It also provides an in-depth opportunity to learn about the many programs students may want to take advantage of at PHS (CTE, AP, Dual Enrollment, JROTC, sports, clubs, etc.) We are also excited to introduce Naviance our new College and Career platform to help students prepare for their future. This is provided by the Prescott Unified School District Education Foundation.

Modification – JROTC – The state has suggested that in the next few years it may be mandatory that JROTC join the CTE umbrella – and we were hoping to be ahead of the curve by adding JROTC. Student numbers to CTE enrollment will help with funding in regards to Perkins grant and CTE allocations which will allow to better fund the programs on PHS campus.

Modification – Dual Enrollment Spanish (PHS/YC) – Adding a dual credit 2nd year class (Spa 102) that lasts all year and keeping the 3rd year Spanish (Spa 201/202). The (Spa 102) is a more advanced second year of Spanish. Modification – Dual Enrollment

Computer Networking CTE (PHS/YC) – Shifting this course to a Cyber Security CTE/dual-enrollment program. The only effect this
next year is that students still have a choice of classes to work toward finishing the Networking program they started with, or to shift tracks toward the Cyber Security program.

Presenter: Mr. Clark Tenney, PHS Assistant Principal

3. Consider approving the new Prescott High School Credit Assistance Elective Courses, as presented.

Currently, we have access to many online elective courses that range in topic from ancient history to modern computer programing through our curriculum partnership with Backbone Communications. Prescott High School would like to offer these new online electives to our students to increase the elective options students who attend Prescott High School have. In addition to our current elective courses, we will now be able to offer a total of 20 online elective choices to Prescott High School students.

Presenter: Mr. Clark Tenney, PHS Assistant Principal

4. Consider approving changes to the current PUSD Bus Rental Schedules, as presented.

Prescott Unified School District Transportation Department supplies buses, via rental agreement, to several groups in the Quad-City area. In order for these groups to adequately prepare their annual budgets, PUSD must provide updated information regarding changes and/or increases. After a review of current rates and comparing with other districts, we are asking that you approve two rate increases as follows:

Proposed Rate Schedule No. 1
$25.00 per hour for driver (4 hour minimum)
$2.00 per mile

Proposed Rate Schedule No. 2 (greater than 4 hours)
$25.00 per hour for driver
$1.00 per mile
$125.00 per bus

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer


1. Mr. Brian Moore has prepared the FY19 (March) School Board Summary Budget Report for your review.

Presenter: Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer

2. Meeting Dates:

Governing Board Retreat, March 8, 2019, @ 8:00 am, District Office Inspiration Lab

Regular Study & Voting Session, April 2, 2019, @ 5:00 pm, District Office Boardroom

3. Future Agenda Items
The public is invited to request future agenda items. The request must be in writing on the form provided and turned into the Board Secretary at the beginning of the meeting or prior to the agenda item. The form must provide a very specific agenda item to be considered by the board. The public member may state the agenda item to be considered, however, no description or conversation may take place at this time. The Board may not respond to questions or comments from the public, but may ask the superintendent to respond when appropriate. The Governing Board President or district office designee will contact the person making the request as of the status of the requested future agenda item.


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