• Less teachers = getting to know students better- strengths and how to address concerns
  • Teachers teach to their strengths
  • Smoother transition from elementary to intermediate
  • Smaller Teams of teachers communicate more frequently
  • Students staying with their class get closer to one another- Team culture develops

Granite Mountain school proudly incorporates a 2-teacher teaming model. In this model, teachers in teams of two, share students. This approach creates a smoother transition for the students from elementary school to the intermediate school. Students spend a lot of time with their classmates and teachers, they get closer with one another, and there is a definite team culture. It allows students to come to school, feel safe, and feel loved in a supportive environment. Because teachers are able to have a group of students for at least half the day, this model gives our teachers the best opportunity to really get to know their students. Teachers are able to truly focus on their students’ strengths, and improve areas of weakness. This model also allows teachers to focus on, and teach to their areas of passion and strength. 2-teacher teaming provides the opportunity for teachers to communicate more frequently with their teammates In addition, a greater number of teachers in similar subject areas to work together to improve daily lessons. Granite Mountain School proudly embraces the 2-teacher teaming model.

Students in class

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