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Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year at Granite Mountain!

Through a variety of program options and choices for students, we are excited to embark on a new school year where we strive to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of all students at Granite Mountain School. We have an extremely dedicated and top-notch staff who diligently work to provide engaging academic experiences that will allow our students to succeed throughout their educational careers. Through STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics), students integrate their classroom learning with high level thinking skills and create real-world solutions to proposed problems. Students participate in our STEAM project-based learning each Wednesday throughout this school year.

Granite Mountain students also have the ability to explore and try a variety of activities and experiences in a safe, nurturing school environment. At Granite Mountain, students can explore Band, Orchestra, Choir, PE, Art, Computers, Intramural Sports, and a wide range of before and after school club activities. Additionally, our technology-integrated classrooms innovatively prepare our students for college and career readiness in the 21st Century.

It is my sincere pleasure to be able to ensure that every student at Granite Mountain has the opportunity to learn and succeed at high levels with professionals who are focused on the individual needs of each child. We offer a small, intimate, family-oriented school on a large campus with great opportunities. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of preparing your 5th and 6th grade students for their future educational success.

Have a wonderful year!

Teresa Bruso, Principal


Granite Mountain School 1800 Williamson Valley Road Prescott, AZ 86305 Mrs. Teresa Bruso, Principal E-mail — Mrs. Nancy Hellewell, Assistant Principal E-mail — Mrs. Kathy Lavoie, Secretary E-mail — Office: (928) 717-3253 Fax: (928) 717-3284 Nurse’s Office: (928) 541-2293 Cafeteria Line: (928) 541-2299 Vision Statement: Preparing Today’s Students for Tomorrow’s Opportunities Mission Statement: Granite Mountain School is partnering with families and communities to prepare every student for success in a safe, academically innovative and character-rich environment. Telephone Contacts If you have questions or problems, please feel free to contact the school office at any time. Also, you are encouraged to keep an open line of communication directly with the teachers. Other phone numbers you may find helpful: Granite Mountain School – 717-3253 Service Center – 717-3229 | 778-6131 after hours District Office – 445-5400 DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION Mr. Joe Howard, Superintendent Ms. Mardi Read, Asst. Superintendent Mr. Brian Moore, Chief Financial Director PUSD GOVERNING BOARD MEMBERS Mr. John Mackin, President Mrs. Tina Seeley, Vice President Dr. Maureen Erickson, Member Dr. Scott Hicks , Member Mr. Greg Mengarelli, President Please visit our website for announcements and current information. A bulletin is published weekly in PowerSchool that will prove beneficial to all parents. It provides dates and explanations of activities, so please log-on to PowerSchool on a regular basis to stay informed. School Colors: Royal Blue and White School Mascot: Grizzly Bear GMS School Song We’ve got the spirit; we’ve got the will We’ve got the teamwork; we’ve got the skill Grizzly Bears will put up a fight To add to our victories tonight FIGHT We never fumble; we never fall We are the Grizzlies; we do it all We’re from Granite Mountain School So hail to the blue and white BLUE AND WHITE (SHOUT all capitalized words)


CAMPUS HOURS FOR STUDENTS The Granite Mountain campus is open for students from 7:45 AM – 3:30 PM. Supervision will not be available before or after these specific times; please make arrangements to drop off/pick up your children during school hours for their safety. Students may not arrive at school prior to 7:45 AM unless they join the “Buck” Club. We do not provide supervision on the playground, nor are students allowed in the building prior to that time. Between 7:45 and 8:20, students may go to the blacktop or the library. Students eating school breakfast must eat first, prior to going to recess. Students are expected to stay outside until 8:20 when the bell rings. If the temperature or wind chill is below 22 degrees, or if it is raining or snowing, announcements will inform students they may stay inside before school. THE “BUCK” CLUB The Buck Club meets in the cafeteria before school from 7:00-7:45 AM. The Buck Club is for students whose parents must drop them off before 7:45. Those students will have supervision in the Grizzly Den connected to the cafeteria. However, parents must pay $1.00 per day for their children to participate in the morning supervised activities (hence, the name, “Buck” Club). This is a self-supporting program and accounts must be kept in good standing in order to attend. If there is a financial need, scholarships may be made available by contacting the principal. Parents may make arrangements ahead of time by paying for the Buck Club or may send their child with $1.00 any time the child needs supervision before 7:45 AM. Students may not be dropped off to wait on school grounds before 7:45 AM unless they participate in the Buck Club program. Students dropped off prior to 7:45 AM must pay $1. There is no grace period on the time. We recommend that you come early enough to make it worth your dollar, or wait until 7:45 AM when there is no charge. PARKING LOT GATES/SCHOOL-DAY ACCESSIBILITY During school hours, the gates by the pick-up and drop-off area in the Granite Mountain School parking lot and at White Cloud will be locked. Parents will need to park in the Abia Judd parking lot and walk up to the office to check your child in/out or sign in to volunteer during school hours. You will not be able to enter the campus in the pick-up/drop-off area by the school gym. STUDENT DROP OFF / PICK UP Students may be dropped off and picked up in the parking lot by the GMS gym or in the parking lot across from the bus stop near Abia Judd. Exercise patience, abide by all traffic laws, and above all BE SAFE. The gate at this area will be locked and unavailable during the school day. Students should not go to Abia Judd to hang out, wait for rides, or visit teachers without permission from Abia Judd administration. Students must have visible adult supervision if waiting in the playground/field area across from the bus stop. CAMPUS VISITORS All visitors must sign in at the front office. Our staff encourages parents/guardians to participate in their children’s education. If you would like to volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at the District Office and contact the school office prior to volunteering or classroom visits. COMMUNICATION Daily announcements are made during first period. Parents are encouraged to log on to PowerSchool and view the Daily Bulletin. Urgent information on upcoming events can be found on our school website at In addition, communication is provided through our Bright Arrow voicemail and email program. Anonymous GMS Tip Line The anonymous GMS tip line allows a student to provide information about a school safety issue, violations of school rules, or crimes and remain anonymous. The GMS tip line is an online and text messaging reporting system. Once students leave school grounds (since they are not allowed to use cell phones during the school day), students are able to text reports of school concern to alert administration of potential issues involving bullying, violence, depression, theft, etc. (text to 37607). To report concerns while on school grounds, the reporting system can also be accessed from the students’ PUSD Chromebook logins. DISCIPLINE GUIDELINES Granite Grizzlies are respectful, responsible, and safe​. The Granite Mountain School staff is dedicated to the education of the whole child through the continuous growth of his/her mental, physical, and social development. All students are responsible for knowing and obeying school policies and regulations. Arizona Law is considered a part of school policy. A violation of the law is considered to be a violation of school policy.

GRANITE​ ​GRIZZLIES​ ​are Respectful Responsible Safe


GREEN ZONE GreenZone™ is a tangible, measurable way to identify behavior and promote positive interaction and overall environment. GreenZone™ outlines three categories or “zones” of behavior (green, yellow, and red), ranging from acceptable to unacceptable, and encourages individuals of all ages to ‘Stay in the GreenZone™.’ The zones provide an easy avenue to identifying and discouraging “yellow” and “red zone” behavior and promoting kindness and civility overall. The GreenZone™ focuses on creating the overall culture of Granite Mountain School. As part of this focus, we will address problematic issues before they occur. The GreenZone™ will help transform our culture through respect, relationships, responsibility, repair, and reintegration. The GreenZone™ will help us model, restore, foster, and sustain a healthy school community and beyond. The GreenZone™ will be our expectation for everyone in the Granite Mountain School family…students, staff, and parents. GreenZone™ Behavior:

  • Using a normal rate, tone, and volume of speech
  • Complimenting or encouraging others
  • Engaging in appropriate casual conversation between peers and with adults
  • Joking without intimidation and in a non-harmful manner
  • Staying off the rocks
  • Walking to and from each location
  • Following and encouraging others to follow all school rules
  • Acting in a respectful and responsible manner to help create a safe environment for all

Possible Incentive/Reward Options for GreenZone™:

  • Potential for increased self-esteem
  • Positive praise and reinforcement from teachers and/or administrators
  • Character trait of the month recognition
  • Grizzly Pride (Character Counts) award for lunch in the Grizzly Den with two friends
  • Grizzly Points awarded for demonstrating Character traits throughout the day and in any school location, to earn special privileges
  • Grizzly honor badge privileges for 6th graders
  • Quarterly academic, attendance, and behavior awards
  • Superintendent’s award each semester

YELLOW ZONE Rule Violations: Our students are generally well-behaved and maintain exemplary conduct and citizenship which is necessary for a proper learning environment. Our approach is to incorporate restorative practices to create a safe school environment where all members of the school community are accountable for their actions, resolve conflicts, create positive relationships, and repair any harm done to the community and its members. Yellow Zone Behavior:

  • Getting into the rocks/dirt; getting off finished surfaces, including throwing throwing rocks/dirt
  • Personal unapproved toys/items that distract in the educational environment
  • Disruption, excessive talking
  • Disrespect/Defiance
  • Dress code violation
  • Lying
  • Cheating/Academic dishonesty/Plagiarism
  • Inappropriate teasing
  • Mild physical aggression (pushing, shoving)
  • Use of electronic device without permission
  • Inappropriate physical contact of ANY kind (PDA)
  • Four or more tardies
  • Inappropriate use of technology, including school email
  • Name calling, put-downs
  • Intentionally excluding individuals
  • Damaging another’s reputation
  • Spitting, including off bridges/balconies
  • Spreading rumors
  • Manipulating friendships or other relationships
  • Property misuse
  • Gum/candy abuse or misuse
  • Caffeine and/or carbonated drinks or items are not permitted
  • Use and/or misuse of make-up, colognes, perfumes, lotions, deodorants, etc.
  • Writing on self or others (or their clothing)

Consequences for Yellow Zone Behavior: Minor behavioral violations are typically handled by the classroom teacher or staff member witnessing such behaviors. Consequences may include:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Conference with student (Could include Restorative Reflection Report)
  • Discipline Write-up Form
  • Contact Parents (Mandatory before referral to the office)
  • Privilege Loss and/or Lunch Detention
  • Restorative Referral (including repair and reintegration)

*After three violations, student will be referred to the office and or The Behavioral Assistance Team (BAT). RED ZONE It is not practical or feasible to include all possible student behaviors that may be deemed inappropriate or against school rules. Therefore, any misconduct not specifically cited in this document is subject to definition and the judgment of the building administration. (Refer to pages 30-34 in the Student Handbook for definitions of Yellow & Red Zone behaviors.) Red Zone Behavior:

  • Use of foul language or obscenities
  • Aiding and abetting
  • Bullying (including cyberbullying)
  • Threats, intimidation, harassment (threat of physical harm, offensive racial/sexual/religious comments)
  • Major disruptions to the educational environment
  • Repetitive yellow zone infractions
  • Severe or chronic insubordination/non-compliance
  • Fighting, assault
  • Theft, forgery
  • Property damage (belonging to others)
  • Vandalism (misuse or destruction of school property)
  • Truancy or leaving designated safe school areas
  • Violation of district technology guidelines
  • Arson, use/possession of matches/lighters
  • Use/possession/sale of alcohol, tobacco, or electronic cigarettes
  • Use/possession/sale of prescription or non-prescription drugs or paraphernalia
  • Use/possession/sale of weapons, destructive devices, or explosive, including fireworks
  • Consequences for Red Zone Behavior:
  • Restorative Referral is written with the following possible consequences:Office Lunch Detention
  • In School Suspension (ISS)
  • Out of School Suspension (OSS)
  • Long Term Suspension
  • Expulsion

Restorative repair and reintegration must occur for child to re-enter the educational environment after a Red Zone violation. DRESS CODE A safe and disciplined learning environment is essential to a quality educational program. District-wide standards on student attire and appearance are intended to help students concentrate on schoolwork, reduce discipline problems, and improve school order and safety. It is recognized that students have a right to express themselves through dress and personal appearance; however, students shall not do so in a manner that is deemed disruptive or potentially disruptive to the classroom environment or to the maintenance of a safe and orderly school. As aforementioned, the school administration reserves the right to make judgments on any article of clothing, mode of dress, or personal appearance. An individual’s body type may be considered in determining clothing appropriateness. School regulations prohibit student dress or grooming practices that:

  • Present a hazard to the health or safety of the student or to others in the school. This would include:

-Dangling or large hoop earrings or gauges. -Facial piercing. -Jewelry or accessories that may be used as a weapon.

Materially interfere with school work, create disorder, or disrupt the educational program. This would include:

-Skirts or shorts that are shorter than mid-thigh in length or fingertip length. (Students must wear whichever is longer.) -Shirts that do not reach the waistband when arms are raised. (Midriff/torso must be covered at all times.) -Clothing that is offensive or inappropriately revealing, such as transparent clothing, straps more narrow than a credit card, low cut shirts, and pajamas. -Exposed underwear, such as bras and boxer shorts. -Razorback shirts or t-shirts. -Pants/shorts that are not worn or secured at the waistline. -Pants/shorts that have rips or holes higher than mid-thigh or fingertip length. (Holes must be below mid-thigh or fingertip length.) -Headgear worn in the building such as caps, hoods, beanies, etc. (Headgear may be worn in the cafeteria only.) -Hair colors or styles that are deemed by the Principal or designee to be disruptive to the school environment. -Visible body piercing (with the exception of earrings). -Visible temporary or permanent tattoos. (Students are not to draw or write on themselves or others.) -Make-up, including but not limited to lipstick, eyeshadow/eyeliner, etc. -Clothing that has wording or images that are not school-appropriate. -Writing on self or others (or their clothing).

  • Cause excessive wear or damage to school property. This would include:

-Shoes with heelys (rollers), cleats, or studs. -Prevent students from achieving their educational objectives. -Clothing and/or accessories that are gang style or represent membership in a gang. -Clothing and/or accessories that have statements, pictures, or symbols that represent prejudice, obscenity, vulgarity, sex, drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

Backpacks and Large Purses Students may use backpacks and large purses when coming to school in the morning or leaving for the day, but they must remain in the classroom in a designated area during class time. Students should not leave backpacks in the hallway (indoor or outdoor) or other areas unattended. The school reserves the right to inspect or search a backpack. School officials may conduct searches upon “reasonable suspicion” that a search will reveal evidence of either a violation or potential violation of school policy or law. (New Jersey vx. T.L.O., 1985).


Students may not sell items on school grounds or at any school-sponsored activity for personal gain. All sales on school grounds or at school-sponsored activities must benefit the school and its educational programs.


Students may ride bicy­cles to and from school, but GMS accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any bicycle. Always lock bicycles and never ride them on the school grounds. This includes the sidewalks at Abia Judd Elementary School. Bike racks are provided at different locations on campus. Skateboards and scooters are NOT allowed on campus and will be held in the office for parents to pick up if brought to school.


Students should not bring valuables or large amounts of money to school. Other non-permitted items include, but are not limited to: fidget spinners, caffeine and/or coffee drinks or items, fireworks, laser pointers, aerosols/sprays, noise makers, silly string, Airsoft guns, paintball guns, tobacco, electronic cigarettes/vapors, weapons, lighters, matches, skateboards, rollerblades, rolling shoes (heelys), scooters, and other unapproved toys/items. Items not allowed on school grounds may be confiscated and stored in the office to be picked up by the parents.


Possession or use of personal electronic communication devices by students is permitted provided that:

  • Such devices are kept in backpack (turned off/silent) so as not to disrupt the educational program or school activity. When unoccupied, classrooms will remain locked; however, the school and/or the district is not responsible nor does it have insurance to cover students’ lost or stolen property.
  • The devices are permitted by the school administration and are used in accordance with school guidelines for educational purposes.
  • Students will not be dismissed from classes to make or answer telephone calls on personal devices.
  • Students may not take unwanted pictures/videos of other students or staff members with their cell phones or any other device as it is a violation of the privacy rights of individuals, by law.

Staff members who find that a student’s cell phone is being used contrary to these guidelines will confiscate the item for the duration of the school day for the first infraction. For a second infraction, the phone will be confiscated and turned in to the office. The office will contact the parent/guardians to pick up the confiscated item. The third infraction will require a cell phone contract. Electronic devices (such as iPods, Mp3 players, and/or cell phones) may only be used after school hours at the bus stop; but not in the building, classes, or academic settings unless permission is given by the teacher for educational purposes. At the discretion of the teacher(s) in charge, cell phones may be brought on field trips. That teacher may determine when and if phone use is permitted. Students should carefully consider before deciding to bring valuable electronic devices onto campus. The school and/or district is not responsible nor does it have insurance to cover students’ lost or stolen property. Students may report theft, damage or vandalism to the police department. If a cell phone is found, administration may use the numbers on the phone in an attempt to contact a parent/guardian; according to technology search laws.


The Prescott Unified School District is committed to the enforcement of state mandatory attendance laws (A.R.S. 15-802). Our focus regarding attendance and tardies is to ensure all of our students are present in school and able to achieve optimal learning. Our goal is to create policies and procedures that seek to balance accountability with support, encourage positive choices, strengthen relationships, and focus on harm and repair. At Granite Mountain School we seek to create a culture of belonging, inclusion and respect for every child, every day. Tier I

  • Positive incentives to encourage daily student attendance through classroom incentives, weekly school competitions, monthly incentives and quarterly perfect and improved attendance awards.
  • After 5 Absences or 4 Tardies

-Phone call to the parent by a school attendance team member (WRAP)

Call is to inform, gather information, and encourage improved attendance.

-Informal Restorative Meeting

Classroom teacher or office staff member meets with the parent and student regarding absenteeism or tardiness.

Tier II

  • Over 10 absences or tardies

-Formal letter is mailed to the parents/families with details of absences, tardies, and request to contact the school for next steps.

-Restorative Attendance Conference (with referral form)

Team meeting with students, parents, support student, teachers, administrators, and two outside facilitators. Participants determine what is needed to support the student in school. A written agreement is completed and signed by all parties, and then monitored by school administration.

Tier III

  • Law Enforcement Citation

-Referral to Juvenile Court Services

Lack of attendance is chronic and warrants more involvement and support by juvenile court services with the family and student.

Granite Mountain Attendance Procedures Please call the office (928)717-3253, every day your student is or will be out of school whether it’s all or part of a day, no matter the reason. This includes half-day mornings, days before vacations, holidays, and missed field trips. If a student is absent from class s/he is responsible for making up missed work, tests, etc. Students will have as many days equal to the number absent, without penalty, to complete missed work assigned during the absence period. Any previously assigned work is expected on the due date or on the day returning from an absence. For questions about this, please contact individual teachers or see their websites. Teachers are allotted twenty-four (24) hours to provide the requested homework. Late Arrivals Students who arrive late must sign in at the main office with the Attendance Clerk to receive a tardy pass. Leaving Campus All students leaving campus must be signed out by a parent in the school office. This is meant for the protection of your child. If someone other than a custodial parent or guardian is to pick up the student, we must have permission from that parent or guardian, in writing. Identification may be required of anyone signing out a student. Be sure that persons whom you anticipate picking up your child are listed on the emergency card of your son or daughter. If changes are made during the year, please notify the school’s office immediately. Tardy Policy Our expectations for class attendance also include punctuality and preparation. Between classes, students are expected to arrive in class on time and with the necessary homework, books, and materials. If a student is more than ten (10) minutes late, the tardy is recorded as an unexcused absence. Students who are habitually tardy in between class periods (4 or more tardies per quarter) will receive a disciplinary referral to the office. Snow Days Due to inclement weather which might endanger students and staff members, one of two situations could occur: (1) School may be canceled altogether. OR (2) A snow schedule may be declared, which means buses will run two hours late and classes will begin two hours late. The rest of the day will run as usual. If either of these conditions exists, announcements will be made over our local radio stations beginning at 6:00 a.m. or you may check either the PUSD snow day page or the PUSD Facebook page for any schedule changes.


At Granite Mountain School, it is our expectation for every child to succeed. Because of this, any student receiving a D or F in a core academic class will be required to attain proficiency in the grade-level skills necessary for promotion through our Skills Recovery Program during the following academic quarter. Skills Recovery can be accomplished through attending a before or after school academic support club, Saturday School, and/or Summer School. Upon completion of skill recovery activities, students will demonstrate competency through a standards-based assessment. Honor Roll is based on grades each semester. Students must have a 3.0 or higher GPA. The Principal’s List is based on grades each semester. Students must have a 4.0 GPA. Homework Policy At Granite Mountain School we believe homework is an important instructional tool and should be a part of the educational experience to help our students reach proficiency in content standards. Homework is a continuation of school assignments that will reinforce content and skills learned in class. It should not be a substitute for classroom instruction, used for disciplinary purposes nor as a measure of rigor. The amount of homework assigned will be reflective of age-appropriate expectations. In addition, homework assignments should not require an extensive amount of time on the part of the student or the student’s family (45 minutes to 1 hour per night, including reading for 5th & 6th grade). Because homework is only one portion of students’ content and concept learning, grading of homework is handled consistently by our staff. At Granite Mountain School, scores from homework in any course should not exceed 10 percent of a student’s grade for a grading period. Homework is assigned to meet one of the following purposes:

  • Prepare students for new learning.
  • Practice skills to increase speed and/or accuracy.
  • Deepen understanding of concepts learned.

Responsibilities of Teachers/Staff: -Assign meaningful and appropriate homework that is challenging and aligns with classroom learning objectives. -Provide ongoing and clear guidance to ensure students understand the directions and reasons for homework. -Provide timely and specific feedback for all homework assignments. -Recognize student effort. -Inform parents and families of the homework policy and their roles related to homework. -Promote quality work. -Assist students in being successful and in believing they are capable of doing their work.

Responsibilities of Parents/Families: -Establish routines related to study times and study habits. -Provide an environment and study area that promotes learning. -Reduce distractions. -Provide encouragement. -Communicate with the school/teacher if difficulties arise.

Responsibilities of Students: -Keep track of all homework assignments in the provided student agenda. -Follow routines related to study times and study habits. -Choose a place to study that is free from distractions. -Believe you can do it! -Follow up with your teachers regarding missed work after an absence. -Ask for help, if needed. -Give your best work at all times. -Complete all assignments on time.

Grades Course Grading: Assessments/Quizzes 50% Classwork, Projects, Accountability Points, Etc… 40% Homework 10% To access your child’s grades and/or missed assignments, go to the Granite Mountain website and select the PowerSchool icon and log on. All students are given a username and password on their schedules at the beginning of the school year. If you need assistance with this, please call us at (928)717-3253.


The intramural sports program differs from traditional interscholastic sports in that it prioritizes inclusion and enjoyment over competition. The intramural program at Granite Mountain will create a great opportunity for 5th and 6th graders to grow as individuals and to learn about fitness. Intramural athletics, unlike competitive athletics, are open to all students, regardless of the student’s ability and/or knowledge. In addition, family and community participation will be a fundamental part of our program as well. Our intramural sports program will consist of basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, and indoor floor hockey. Tentative dates and options for the sports seasons are as follows: Fall Season – August 20th – September 28th Co-ed Flag Football and Co-ed Volleyball Winter 1 Season – October 15th – November 20th Co-ed Basketball Winter 2 Season – January th – February 15th Co-ed Hockey Spring Season – February 25th – April 12th Co-ed Soccer Intramural sports are a part of our 21st Century Program. Currently, there are no fees to participate in intramural sports at Granite Mountain. All sports require medical insurance and the school-supplied parental permission form. Athletes are also required to read and sign the Code of Conduct for Student-Athletes, and parents must read and sign the Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians. These codes are to be followed at all practices and games. More spe­cific information will be given dur­ing skills assessment for each sport. Interscholastic Sports Students wishing to participate in Cross Country, Wrestling, and/or Track will be able to do so with the Mile High teams. Granite Mountain students will be taken by bus to Mile High for these sports. The pay-to-play for these sports teams is $110 per sport. For inter­scholastic contact sports (wrestling), it is neces­sary for each student to have a medi­cal release form (physical) com­pleted by your doc­tor. All sports require medical insurance and the school-supplied parental permission form. Athletes are also required to read and sign the Code of Conduct for Student-Athletes, and parents must read and sign the Code of Conduct for Parents/Guardians. These codes are to be followed at all practices and games. More spe­cific information will be given dur­ing skills assessment for each sport. No Pass No Play Extracurricular activities are all interscholastic activities operating under the guidelines, rules, and procedures established by the Arizona Interscholastic Association. This includes but is not limited to athletics, Student Council, and band/orchestra/choir trips. All schools within our athletic league also enforce similar no pass/no play policies. Eligibility – If a student receives a failing grade at the end of any of the three week progress reporting periods, or at the end of a quarter, s/he will be given one week to raise the grade and will be assigned to after school academic tutoring. If s/he does not raise the grade, s/he is ineligible for the next two week period. S/he may not compete in any games or travel with the team or group to away matches or performances. S/he may continue to practice with the team or group. At the end of the next three weeks, the same process will be implemented. School Insurance Granite Mountain School does not provide medical insurance coverage for school accidents; however, you can purchase your own school insurance. The cost of this insurance varies from school year to school year, and according to the type of coverage you opt to purchase. Applications are available through the School Nurse and should be returned to the School Nurse for processing. All students wishing to participate in athletics MUST CARRY SOME KIND OF HEALTH INSURANCE. Proof of such insurance will be required before being given clearance for athletic participation.


The school loans students the required textbooks for classes at no cost. Students should cover their books in an effort to protect them. Textbooks are the responsibility of the student. Any damage to, or loss of, books will result in a student having to pay the cost to replace the book. Please treat each book with respect.


Granite Mountain has a library of over 13,500 volumes created for the benefit and enjoyment of our students and staff. The Library is open from 7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. daily, except on Wednesday when the Library closes at 1:00 p.m.. Books are checked out for two weeks at a time and can be renewed if someone else has not placed a hold on it. Overdue books are charged at a rate of ten cents ($0.10) per day. A five-day grace period is provided starting with the first overdue day. The student will be held responsible for his/her library obligations. Library fines that are left unpaid will be turned over to the front office.


Bus service is provided to those students living outside a walking distance from GMS. It is a privilege to ride the school bus, not a right. Unacceptable behavior may result in the suspension of bus riding privileges. A bus referral may be considered sufficient reason to take away a student’s right to attend a semester incentive activity.


Students may have an opportunity to attend educational field trips. Attendance on the field trip is at the discretion of the sponsoring teacher and administration.


Students may purchase their breakfast or lunch at school or bring food from home. Lunch menus are posted online at Parents can send money to the school cafeteria with their child(ren) or establish a meal account at Breakfast is $1.50 per meal and lunch is $2.75 per meal. An application for free or reduced price meals is available online and also sent home with each student during the first week of school. They are also available in the office. Complete and return the application to the cafeteria manager.


Elementary to Middle School Transition Beginning in February a minimum of two 4th grade parent informational nights are held for students, parents and the community. During these events, all participants are provided with an overview of the opportunities at Granite Mountain School for students, our educational program and curriculum. School elective teachers and administration visit 4th graders to share elective options and choices they will have beginning in 5th grade at Granite Mountain School. In addition, a school visit day is provided to students during the school day at the end of fourth grade to become acquainted with their classes and schedule while parents are provided information and an overview about our school’s expectations, procedures, and policies. A PowerSchool training is also provided for parents on this day as well. Title I and Special Education staff communicate and collaborate regarding needs of incoming students. 6th Grade to Prescott Mile High Middle School Mile High staff and administration visit our 6th grade classes to present opportunities that will be provided for students when coming to Mile High Middle School. Two parent and student informational nights and school tours are provided to familiarize students with the school campus. Title I and Special Education staff communicate and collaborate regarding needs of incoming students.


Granite Mountain School has a full-time nurse whose hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. She is here to help you when you are ill and will talk with you and your parents concerning any special problems you may have. The nurse can be reached by phone directly at 541-2293. If your child becomes ill during the school day, s/he must see the nurse to be assessed. The nurse will then determine if the parent(s) should pick up the child. Students should not contact parents using personal devices without permission from a teacher, the nurse, or administration. Medications All medication is to be kept in the GMS Nurse’s Office. Medications must be sent in the original container. Prescription medications must be accompanied by a yearly prescription from a doctor. These medications will be kept in a locking cabinet. Students may not have possession of medications of any kind (prescription or otherwise) on their person, in their backpacks/purses, or in their lockers. In the course of the school year, your child may need a prescription or an over-the-counter medication administered. To ensure that the child is receiving the correct dose, correct time of administration, and correct medication, a parent/guardian must follow the requirements listed below:

  • Medication prescribed by a physician must come to the school nurse in its original container and be labeled by the pharmacy with the student’s name, medication directions for use, doctor’s name, and date of prescription. If your child is to take prescription medication both at home and school, ask your pharmacist to provide you with two marked containers (one for use at home and one for use at school).
  • All over-the-counter medication must come in its original container and unopened. All over-the-counter medications must be FDA approved. Please note, if your child suffers from acute or chronic health issues, such as migraine headaches, you must provide the school with the medication for treatment.
  • The parent/guardian must complete a Consent Form for Giving Medication to allow the nurse to administer any medications. Appropriate forms are available from the school nurse.

Students are not permitted to carry prescribed or over-the-counter medications, homeopathic, naturopathic, or other medicinal substances on the school campus. Exceptions:

  • Students who have been diagnosed with anaphylaxis may carry EpiPens provided that the student’s name is on the prescription label and that the parent/guardian completes a Permit for self-administration of EpiPens injection ARS 15-341.A.38 form. Appropriate forms are available from the school nurse.
  • HB 2229 Asthma Rescue Medication Bill allows students to carry inhalers for self-administration on campus provided the student’s name is on the prescription label and that the parent/guardian completes a Permit for self-administration of albuterol inhaler ARS 15-341.A.39 form. Appropriate forms are available from the school nurse.
  • Students with diabetes who have diabetes medical management plans provided by the student’s parent or guardian, signed by a licensed health professional as specified by A.R.S. 15 344.01, may carry appropriate medications and monitoring equipment and self-administer the medication. Appropriate forms are available from the school nurse.

Immunizations Every student must have:

  • Up-to-date immunization history on file.
  • Proof of immunization must be provided from a documented source. State regulations allow for exemption on the basis of medical or personal beliefs.
  • Parents will be notified by mail when their child is due for an immunization. In accordance to Arizona State Law (A.R.S. 15-872), the appropriate immunization must be obtained by the specified date or the student will be excluded from school until proof of the immunization or exemption is provided.

Illness Protocol We are concerned about contagious illnesses and request that you take extra precaution before sending your child to school. It is district policy for you to keep your child home when exhibiting any of the following symptoms:

  • Nausea or vomiting within the past 24 hours
  • Temperature of 100 degrees or higher within the past 24 hours
  • Possible pink eye
  • Possible strep throat

If your child comes to school with these symptoms, s/he will be immediately sent home. Please have your child stay home and rest to prevent any relapses and the spread of illnesses. Medication for communicable illnesses must be taken for a full twenty-four (24) hours before the child can return to school.

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