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GATE Tips for Parents

School: What to Expect

  • Personalized care of each student to encourage optimal growth and achievement
  • STEM opportunities EiE ­- Engineering is Elementary
  • Cluster classes – offering higher level thinking skills, creativity, advanced learning with rigor
  • Technology – effective adaptive learning programs, research, interest­-based projects
  • Foreign Language – Learning through Duolingo For Schools
  • Educaching­ – integration of higher math, P.E., and community through geocaching
  • Field Trips ­- Enhancing curriculum, expanding horizons

Tips for Nurturing Gifted Children

  • Check out online resources. So much is available to help you understand and recognize the needs of your gifted child.
  • Appreciate gifted learners as children. They need love, guidance, and creative pursuits.
  • Be your child’s advocate by working together with teachers.
  • Model life­long learning habits.
  • Assure your child that being different is okay; appreciate individual differences in others.

Online Resources for Parents of Gifted Children



  • Excellent memory
  • Rapid learners
  • Large vocabulary
  • High energy, alert, likes new challenges
  • Sensitive, intuitive, empathetic
  • Curious, asks questions
  • Diversity of interests, hobbies, and activities
  • Ability to conceptualize, analyze, problem solve
  • Self­-taught
  • Keen sense of humor

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