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Food & Nutrition

No… Really… Take The Meals!

9 Reasons why you should take advantage of the school meals being offered now…

  1. It will extend your food budget
  2. It saves you time shopping & prepping meals
  3. It’s convenient…Just grab & go
  4. It’s comforting & familiar to your kids
  5. It’s delicious & nutritious
  6. Each meal served provides funding to our department from the USDA
  7. You are not taking food away from someone who needs it more. We have plenty!
  8. You are keeping our staff employed during this crazy time!
  9. We love to provide meals to children…It’s what we do best!


Meal Flyers Extension PDF

Prescott Unified School District’s Food and Nutrition Services considers it a privilege and a very important responsibility to plan, prepare, and serve nutritious meals to all students. While our goal is to always provide a quality product, great service, and a clean dining environment, we also know that we need to serve meals that the students enjoy and also to meet the dietary guidelines for Americans.

We sincerely appreciate your support and participation in our school lunch program and look forward to serving you.

For any questions, please contact Amy Seigler at
or Brianna McClain at!

Free Meals (breakfast AND lunch) for ALL students will only run until December 31st, 2020.  Current Free or Reduced applications for last year will still expire on September 12th, 2020. Please continue to fill out Free or Reduced applications. If you have not done so by January 1st, 2021 when the Free Meals for Kids program expires your current eligibility will also have expired. Our schools rely on Free or Reduced applications for funding programs! Thank you!


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Located at the PUSD Service Center
928 ½ S. Hinman St. | Prescott, AZ 86305
928-717-3232 | Fax: 928-778-6399

Amy Seigler, Director of Food Services


Meal Prices:

  • Abia Judd, Lincoln, Taylor Hicks, Granite Mountain: $1.50 | Lunch $2.75
  • Mile High Middle School: Breakfast $1.50 | Lunch $3.00
  • Prescott High School: Breakfast $1.50 | Lunch $3.00
  • Adult: Breakfast $2.25 | Lunch $3.75
  • Reduced price meals, all sites: Breakfast $.30 | Lunch $.40

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