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Farm to School Education

Prescott Unified School District, in collaboration with Chino Valley Unified School District, Humboldt Unified School District, and Mayer Unified School District, are the proud recipients of a 2014 USDA Farm to School Planning Grant totaling $44,058.00.  The goal of the Farm to School Project, known as The Four Seeds Farm to School Project, is to conduct a needs assessment for developing a farm to school program in the Quad Cities area. Three USDA grants totaling $186,503 have been awarded to three school initiatives throughout the state of Arizona.

Farm to School (F2S) links school children with farm fresh food and educational activities that bring the world of agriculture to life and help instill lifestyle choices that nurture their bodies, their communities, and the planet. Young people who have the chance to dig in a garden, learn about nutrition, agriculture, and the natural world while having the opportunity to cook fresh foods are more likely to eat these healthy foods when they are served in the school cafeteria and when available to them at home. Farm to School brings the bounty of community to the forefront of learning through activities such as school gardens as living classrooms to field trips to local farms.

Planting the Seeds of a Healthier Generation

Farm to School is a compelling and successful example of how food, gardening and agriculture can plant the seeds of a healthier generation. In Arizona, Farm to School has just begun to formally take root in various communities.  Prescott has a vibrant history of agriculture, reaching back into the days of Prescott’s inception.  Today, there are many small and mid-scale farms and ranches that are valuable assets for food procurement and nutritional education opportunities for the children and adults in the Quad-City area. The Four Seeds Farm to School Project has an active planning team, consisting of teachers, school administrators, food service directors, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, ranchers, farmers, business owners, and interested citizens who are involved in many activities  to advance  the project in the Quad-City area. The mission is to assess the current infrastructure for F2S and community interest in supporting such a program. New members are welcome and encouraged to participate in the planning process for the future of our communities.

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