• At Abia Judd Elementary School, we are a learning community that believes in the ABC’S:

    1. Achieving
    2. Believing
    3. Caring
    4. Sharing

    Achieving- Achieving is our primary goal. We hold high expectations for all our students. We believe that within the guidance of standards provided to us by the state and our district, we should help each child reach his or her academic potential and be a productive citizen in the community.

    Believing- Children must believe in themselves. We believe in the capacity of all children to learn. As a professional community we believe in our own abilities to not only teach but to inspire.

    Caring- At Abia Judd there is not only mutual respect but a deep level of caring. We take care of one another. We make school a safe, nurturing atmosphere where we would want our own children to be. When we see needs, we meet them.

    Sharing- Parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children and they choose to share them with the school. Our school family includes parents, children, staff and the community at large in a true partnership. We encourage and expect parents and the community to be an integral part of the school and the educational process. We are all both learners and teachers and in those roles we share our gifts with one another.