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Recently, a video was posted by a PHS student and shared across social media. The post was inappropriate, offensive, and does not reflect the values of PHS or the PUSD community.  This video was strongly concerning and saddening to all of us.  It spurred response from across the community and the country.  We are responding to these concerns and working closely with students and families involved.  When we say Every Child, Every Day, we mean it. 

It is true we are responding to all those who have reached out with their concerns.  What is not true is the claim that we are not doing anything about it.  The portion of our response,  highlighted below in yellow, details our obligation to keep all disciplinary matters confidential.  Our student is facing and has accepted his consequences.  It is simply inappropropriate and irresponsible for anyone to claim that the school has not responded appropriately because they do not know the consequences that have been imposed on a juvenile who is also protected as a citizen by the US Constitution and the laws of our state.

We are committed to supporting the many different races, genders, religions, and sexual orientations throughout our schools and community.  We are a Kids at Hope District and our faculty and staff work every day to inspire, empower and transform schools. Organizations serving youth and our entire community to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, No Exceptions! Another integral part of a district-wide curriculum practiced daily in our schools that models love, understanding, acceptance, respect and tolerance is called  Capturing Kids Hearts. PHS has a very active Gay-Straight Alliance club, and we are proud of our many community partnerships who work with our schools to offer enhanced mentorships, as well as inclusivity, sensitivity, social justice and suicide prevention training.

We welcome more to join our school GSA community and help us uphold our mission.

When students show intolerance, we must work with them to not only hold them accountable, but also  provide opportunities for them to learn from their mistakes, take responsibility for their actions, apologize appropriately, and re-examine the importance of tolerance.  As teachers, neighbors and community members, we are committed to guide, educate, and promote love and acceptance.  

Though we will not share details regarding disciplinary actions, we can assure you that we have responded swiftly and appropriately.  We will not tolerate any threats to the welfare of anyone in our community.  We will continue to handle disciplinary situations seriously while keeping values of compassion and redirection in the forefront.

We continue our commitment to protecting all students and staff in PUSD.

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