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Pet Therapy at Taylor Hicks School

by | Feb 6, 2019

By Kristi Spengler, K-1 Teacher at Taylor Hicks School

Over the past several months, my classroom has been blessed with weekly visits from Laurie and Bailey with Pet Partners of Prescott. The excitement from my students is evident in both their anticipation of their arrival and the interactions once they are here.

The students have read books to Bailey and shown him what they are learning in math. They have done tricks with him, walked him around the classroom, learned about dog safety, and even got to watch him get his teeth brushed! Bailey came to our Polar Express party wearing his Santa suit and even brought his blanket to lay on the floor with the students. For Christmas, the class gave Bailey a dog toy and were able to watch a video of him playing with it at home.

Even with all the excitement, I think the students’ favorite thing to do is hang out with Bailey on the carpet, talk to him, and ask him and Laurie questions. They love to pet his curly fur and always end their time with individual hugs and good-byes.

Spending time with Laurie and Bailey has quickly become one of their favorite times of the week. We are lucky to have this opportunity and new friendship.


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