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Dear PUSD Families, Staff and Community:

This afternoon, the Governor announced and shared a new executive order in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic. Among other closures and orders regarding public gathering, the Governor postponed in-person school until August 17. While PUSD had a calendared start date of August 6th, we will be adjusting our planning accordingly. As we, too, are just seeing this change, it does look like distance learning may begin prior to August 17th. We will look into the feasibility of this option. Please know that we have teams of leaders and teachers working around the clock on all of the details and different possibilities for how to make school happen. We will take each new development into consideration as we prepare to do the very best we can for all of our students and families. Please refer to the attached communication that we sent out last week regarding the reopening planning process. Also attached, is a news release along with the Governor’s Executive Order from this afternoon.

We are sorry for the continued changes as we all move forward into this unknown territory. We know this is hard on families already stretched by the many facets of this pandemic. We continue to work on plans to alleviate those hardships and create strong teaching and learning models for both in-person and distance learning. We will likely check in with you all with another survey in mid-July, but please keep the great communication coming in. It is vital for us to know and understand the different needs of our students and families as we respond to this changing environment.


Joe Howard

News release from the Governor’s Office

Today’s Executive Order from Governor Ducey

Last week’s communication from PUSD outlining the progress of our plans to reopen school

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