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Thank you for the great response to our family survey distributed earlier this week! PUSD leaders have been reviewing the preliminary survey results, and we have already noticed two trends that we would like to address right away to alleviate any concerns and help our families plan for next year.

First, it is clear that many families would like an in-person, as normal as possible, school experience. We are preparing to provide this experience as long as the health risk in the community remains low. We will implement some health and safety precautions as required by the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) and the State Health Department such as distancing students when feasible, providing opportunities for hand washing and sanitizing, minimizing mixing of students, sanitizing facilities and supplies, adjusting food service protocols, and visually screening students for symptoms. For the most part, these precautions will have limited disruption to school activities, and it will feel like a typical school experience.

Second, it is also clear many families would like a distance learning option until things feel safer in the community. We are prepared to provide that opportunity as well. Our teachers will provide an at-home distance learning option that is aligned with the lessons in the classroom. The distance learning will likely include scheduled, synchronous online learning as well as self-paced online learning. This will provide flexibility and an easy transition in and out of school as families feel more or less comfortable with allowing their children to attend school.

We are continuing to finalize our Roadmap for Reopening School. As we develop this plan, we are considering the social emotional needs of students as well as academic success. We are incorporating information from the staff and family surveys, garnering valuable input from staff committees who know our students the best, incorporating requirements from the ADE and State Health Department, and coordinating with our neighboring districts. This is a complicated process, but we feel very confident that our community will be comfortable with the thoughtful plan we are developing.

We appreciate your patience, flexibility, and grace as we attempt to develop a plan that meets the diverse needs of our community while addressing a national health crisis. We will continue to communicate frequently regarding the plans for next year.

Best wishes from your PUSD family.

Kindest regards,
Mardi Read

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