Welcome to Abia Judd Elementary School!

My name is Stephanie Hillig, and I am proud to be the principal at Abia Judd Elementary School. I have been with Prescott Unified School District for seventeen years, and I have four children who attended Abia Judd. The foundation of learning and independence that this school provided my children is immeasurable. I am confident that you will have the same experience.

Our excellent and highly-qualified faculty is dedicated to providing a meaningful educational experience for our students and their families. Abia Judd does this by providing a safe, nurturing and caring environment to enable students to develop the desire and passion for learning. Our Mission Statement of the ABC’S frames how we work together to move our school forward – Achieving, Believing, Caring, Sharing.

Abia Judd has consistently been one of the highest-achieving schools in northern Arizona. We have received numerous national and state awards, such as “National School of Excellence” and “A+ School of Excellence.” The students of Abia Judd perform very well on state standardized testing when compared to schools in our area and across the state.

I believe that education is a partnership between the families and the school. Communication is the key to success and understanding the needs and expectations of one another is critical. I want to encourage you to be a part of the Abia Judd community as often as you can. Please attend our school functions. including grade nights, curriculum nights, and PTA socials. Research has shown that students perform at a higher level when their parents have relationships and are involved in the school setting these early years. We can always use volunteers in classrooms, in the office, supervising recess and lunches, and many more opportunities. To find out about the upcoming PTA and school events, you can follow PTA on Facebook or review the weekly announcements sent via email to all parents. You are always welcome to email me at or our PTA at

Stephanie Hillig, Principal
Abia Judd Elementary School

Principal Hillig

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