What to Expect at Abia Judd In: Fourth Grade

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Our fourth grade reading program uses the Into Reading curriculum, along with supplemental materials aligned with Arizona State Standards, to increase reading proficiency with a variety of topics students enjoy. Students are challenged to read materials closely and respond to comprehension questions requiring careful review of material, with a strong emphasis on gathering and synthesizing information from varied sources into written response.

Students continue to identify literary elements such as main idea, theme, setting, and character profiles with enjoyable activities and projects that engage student interest at their academic level. Students learn the basic structure of plays and attend productions at Yavapai College. Our classes will have an exciting opportunity for students to perform a poem for the public during our Poetry Palooza event. Responsibility for independent reading is also emphasized.


Fourth grade students increase their level of proficiency with spelling and grammar skills, along with use of resource materials. Our new Into Reading writing series familiarizes students with writing in various forms – thesis driven personal and persuasive essays, literary essays, and research reports – genres they will regularly encounter throughout school. The progression of instruction brings students step by step in organizing, gathering research and supportive evidence, expressing opinion, and using vivid details to become capable writers.

Fourth graders have the fun opportunity to run the Abia Judd Holiday Post Office in December to support letter writing skills across grade levels. Students also enjoy presentations by authentic Cowboy poets/singers, then write their own Cowboy poems for a local competition for grade school students. Winners from each 4th grade class are invited to read their poems at the famous Cowboy Gathering in Prescott.


Abia Judd fourth grade math curriculum follows Arizona’s Career and College Readiness standards through the Eureka math curriculum. Students expand upon math concepts learned in previous grade levels, while focusing on problem solving instead of memorizing algorithms. Our seven modules are as follows:

Module 1: Place Value, Rounding, Addition and Subtraction
Module 2: Metric Measurement and Unit Conversions
Module 3: Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division
Module 4: Geometry
Module 5: Fractions – Equivalence, Ordering, and Operations
Module 6: Decimal Fractions
Module 7: Exploring Measurement with Multiplication”


Fourth grade science standards are taught in an involved and exciting way through inquiry and exploration. Foss kits and hands-on activities allow students to explore science topics in depth. Throughout the year students will learn about weather, natural disasters, Earth’s systems and changing surface, magnetism, electricity, adaptations, and renewable and nonrenewable energy. The scientific method will be expanded upon as students participate in engaging experiments and above all else learn to STAY CURIOUS!

Invited presenters from the U of A Extension Program teach students about engineering, states of matter, magnetism, and use WOW (Wild Over Water) interactive lessons to engage students in understanding the water cycle, and water usage and conservation in Arizona. Fourth grade science is intriguing and fun!

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