Delays or closures will be posted here as necessary.

School/snow report Friday 1/20/17: PUSD is on a normal schedule today.  Thank you for your patience with these snowy forecasts. We watched the weather and forecasts all night and drove roads early morning. As of 4 a.m., all main roads,even in high elevations, were clear. The combination of above-freezing temperature and lack of snow overnight allowed the roads to stay clear enough that we felt our buses could travel safely today.  That said, we know that we all have different snow-driving experience and terrain conditions. Prescott is particularly challenging because we have such a difference in elevation around our district. We always mention that families need to make their own decisions based on those factors of terrain and experience. Like Thursday, we believe that we will receive snowfall most of the day today, Friday. If the forecast holds, temperatures should again remain high enough at most elevations to keep most roads clear.  It looks like the snow will begin again around 10 this morning and continue throughout the day.  Friday evening, after bus runs are complete, it looks like the temps may drop enough to produce some accumulation.  We will be watching the next storm as it is predicted to roll in for Monday and Tuesday.

Posted 1/20/17, 4:55 am