Highlighing employees of PUSD’s Transportation Department in appreciation and as a thank you for a job well-done!

Dave Grylls – Route 13

After 30 years of owning a concrete and demolition business in Long Beach, California, Dave and his wife Rosie decided to move to Prescott. That was three years ago, in 2013. Dave says, “I hooked up with the fine people of PUSD and a year later I found myself another home.”  Dave and Rosie enjoy hiking and biking and the slow paced life of Prescott.dave-grylls

Kent Eaton – Route 5

Kent started working for the Department of Navy in 1977, overhauling and maintaining nuclear submarines. He moved to San Diego in 1987, still with Department of Navy, but now was working with catapults and arresting gear on aircraft carriers. In 2000, he moved to London, England, where he started in the information technology profession as a network support technician. He worked there for 6.5 years, then moved to Naples, Italy, where he was the portfolio manager for the IT department that supported the European Theater in maintaining all computer programs used in Europe by the Department of Navy.kent-eaton

Cindy Eby – Route 4

“Hi. My name is Cindy Eby, and I drive Route 4. My kids call me ‘Miss Cindy,’ and they are the best! Every day is a new adventure, so driving a school bus is a lot of fun!”

At home, Cindy has a daughter who is a sophomore at PHS.  Cindy says, “I am so proud of her! She is my best friend! I enjoy spending all of my free time with her and my husband Andy. If the weather is nice, I enjoy going out for a drive in our sand-rail and gardening.” Cindy has 3 dogs, 1 cat, an african grey parrot, 4 sulcata tortoises, 2 leopard geckos, and one koi fish. “I am very happy to be working for PUSD! LIFE IS GOOD.”Cindy Eby - Edited

Ray Morran – Route 3

Ray was born in Indiana in 1954 and moved to California at age 11. He has three beautiful daughters and two grandchildren, ages 6 and 3.  Ray says, “I am proud of all of my daughters. My oldest is in her last year of medical school.”

Ray moved to Flagstaff in 1994, where he was the president of the girls softball league for 12 years and on the board of directors of the American Cancer Society for Climb to Conquer for 13 years. He also coached girls softball for 25 years.

Ray moved to Prescott in April 2015. He says it is now his home.  He loves working at the Bus Barn and he hopes to one day get involved in the girls softball program in Prescott.  “I love working with the kids. Thank you to the people I work with at the bus barn for making it like home.”ray-morran

John Chauffer – Route 12

Born in Montana, John attended Bellarmine High School and Clover Park High School in Tacoma, Washington. He served in the United States Marine Corps 1962-1970 and attended More Park Community College, LA City College, and Cal State Northridge, while employed by Transamerica Corporation for 10 years. John spent 30 years in the automobile business, taking an early retirement from American Honda Motor Corporation in 2006 to move to Prescott. John says he wanted to spend more time with family and enjoy in the raising of his two wonderful children with his wife, JoAnne. “Our children, Jenna and John, have gone/are going through the PUSD school system. Son John is currently a sophomore at PHS and Jenna graduated with honors in 2015 and is currently at NAU working on a degree in teaching.” John’s interests are traveling with family, aviation, reading, and hiking.

Carol O’Neal

Carol grew up in the Phoenix area and moved to Prescott in 1989. She raised her children here.  Carol says, “I currently live with my husband, stepson, two cats, and a dog. Before becoming a bus driver, I was working at a nursing home. I prefer working with people at the beginning of their lives.”carol-oneal

Ken Steingraber

Ken and his wife, Rene, recently relocated to Prescott from northwest Ohio. The couple decided on Prescott due to its beauty and climate. Says Ken, “I have been employed by PUSD for a very short time; however, I am very thankful for all my co-workers for their help and willingness to share their knowledge with me. I look forward to becoming a more contributing team member alongside my dedicated colleagues in the transportation department.”ken-steingraber