AHERA Notification Letter (asbestos-containing materials)

Energy Conservation in PUSD

APS/PUSD Energy Conservation Program (Download informational .pdf)

Prescott Unified School District is actively taking steps to reduce energy costs. In June 2005, Arizona Public Service Energy Services provided an electrical/water/gas audit of PUSD and made recommendations to the administration for cost effective installations and renovations to all facilities within PUSD. The Governing Board approved over $2 million to implement the energy conservation measures, which were designed to pay for themselves over a period of time. PUSD was awarded the “Governor’s Award for Energy Efficiency” for implementing the comprehensive energy plan.

Cost Saving Measures – PUSD Expectations of Employees & General Energy Conservation Tips

Shawn West, Director of Service Center | shawn.west@prescottschools.com
Kim Barker, Secretary | kim.barker@prescottschools.com
926 S. Hinman Drive | Prescott AZ 86305


Abia Judd Elementary School
1749 Williamson Valley Rd. | Prescott AZ 86305

Lincoln Elementary School
201 Park Ave. | Prescott AZ 86303

Taylor Hicks Elementary School
1845 Campbell Ave. | Prescott AZ 86301

Washington Elementary School (houses Discovery Gardens Preschool)
300 E. Gurley St. | Prescott AZ 86301

Granite Mountain School
1800 Williamson Valley Rd. | Prescott AZ 86305

Prescott Mile High Middle School
300 S. Granite St. | Prescott AZ 86303

Prescott High School
1050 N. Ruth St. | Prescott AZ 86301


Service Center
928 S. Hinman Dr. | Prescott AZ 86305

  • Transportation Center
  • Facilities Center
  • Food & Nutrition Center
  • Child Study Services (Special Ed. Div.)

District Office
146 S. Granite St. | Prescott AZ 86303

Miller Valley School
900 Iron Springs Rd. | Prescott AZ 86305

Dexter School
551 1st St | Prescott AZ 86301