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School Breakfast

Fuel Your Intellect

Eating breakfast is the best start to every great morning!  With the high demand of today’s fast paced lifestyle, many students may not be able to sit down for a balanced breakfast each morning before heading to school. However, no need to worry, our schools are offering a great variety of healthy & tasty options. Students have the opportunity to have easy access to get a great start to their day with healthy nutrition!

Breakfast Benefits

  • School breakfast meals meet the USDA standards for calories, sodium, and saturated fat.
  • Healthy options such as variety of fresh fruit, dairy, and grains are served daily for breakfast.
  • Students are exposed to healthy food combinations to create healthy life habits.
  • School Breakfast eliminates the occurrences of students to not start school on an empty stomach, feeling tired, hungry, or irritable.
  • Increases children’s ability to concentrate on schoolwork.
  • Decreases behavior problems, tardiness, and visits to the nurse.
  • Increases attendance rates.

A Healthy School Environment

 Offer a wide variety of nutritious foods requirements

√ Students are healthier, happier, and more productive when they participate in the school breakfast and lunch program

√ Eating breakfast increases energy and participation


Daily Example of School Breakfast

  • Whole Grain Pancakes with Pancake Syrup
  • Assorted Low Sugar Cereal
  • Fruit Bar: Assortment of Fresh, Canned and 100% Fruit Juice
  • Variety of Milk

Come take advantage of School Breakfast today!

Director: Amy Seigler: 928-717-3232 or or

For more information on School Breakfast Program:

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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