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8th Grade Health/Sex Education

“Choosing the Best/PATH”

Health/sex education is taught to all students in grades 6-11 who have parent permission to participate. The classes are taught by North Star Youth Partnership’s professional educators who are experienced; fully trained; have fingerprint and background clearance; and are passionate about helping youth. Below is an 8th grade curriculum overview. Copies of detailed lessons are available for review in your school’s front office.

  • This is an abstinence focused program, approved by the district’s school board.
  • The Choosing the Best curricula are researched based, medically accurate, and utilized by thousands of school districts throughout the United States. In addition, the curricula are on the Arizona Department of Education’s approved list of materials for sexuality education.
  • Parents will receive a permission slip with dates that will be sent home before classes begin. The slip must be signed and returned to the school before student can participate in classes.
  • We have found that students are more comfortable when parents discuss these topics with them before these classes begin.
  • The classes are approximately 50 minutes long; are taught in eight days; and usually take the place of science.
  • Girls and boys are in separate classrooms, with a teacher of the same gender, who has fingerprint and background clearance; is fully trained; and is passionate about helping youth.
  • A review of the most common contraceptives; their protection against STDs/HIV; and their effectiveness/failure rates. Condoms are not demonstrated or distributed. Due to the varying beliefs in the community, parents/guardians are encouraged to have that discussion if they so choose.
  • Medical STD slides are shown.
  • We always try to make the learning in our classes as fun as possible through various activities.
  • Topics:
    • Lesson 1: Everybody’s Talking About it– What do teens think? What are the possible emotional consequences?
    • Lesson 2: STDs/HIV – All sexual activity is defined using medical terms. How STDs are spread and how they can be avoided. Most common contraceptives; their protection against STDs/HIV; and their effectiveness/failure rates.
    • Lesson 3: Teen Pregnancy – Consequences of teen pregnancy for girls and guys. Are condoms 100% safe? Most common contraceptives; their protection against pregnancy; and their effectiveness/failure rates.
    • Lesson 4: Pressures to be Sexually Active – Peer pressure, media pressure, and the dangers alcohol.
    • Lesson 5: Choosing the Best Path – The benefits of abstinence.
    • Lesson 6: Setting Boundaries – Developing the best relationships.
    • Lesson 7: The Need to Speak Up – How to say no.
    • Lesson 8: The Need to be Assertive – How to be assertive.

We look forward to teaching your child and partnering with you in providing important information to encourage healthy and safe choices. Detailed lessons are available for viewing in your school’s front office.


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