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6th Grade Health/Sex Education

“Worth the Wait”

Health/sex education is taught to all students in grades 6-11 who have parent permission to participate. The classes are taught by North Star Youth Partnership’s professional educators who are experienced; fully trained; have fingerprint and background clearance; and are passionate about helping youth. Below is a 6th grade curriculum overview. Copies of detailed lessons are available for review in your school’s front office.

  • This is an abstinence focused program, approved by the district’s school board.
  • Worth the Wait is an all-inclusive, data-driven curriculum founded on up-to- date medical, legal, psychological,and socioeconomically information regarding adolescent health risk behaviors. It promotes avoidance of risky behaviors and includes the CDC’s list of Youth Risk Behaviors.
  • Lessons were written by a board certified obstetrician and implemented by Scott & White Healthcare, Texas A&M College of Medicine.
  • The classes are approximately 50 minutes; are taught in six days; and usually take the place of science.
  • Parents will receive a permission slip with dates that will be sent home before classes begin. The slip must be signed and returned to the school before student can participate in classes.
  • Girls and boys are in separate classrooms, with a teacher of the same gender, who has fingerprint and background clearance; is fully trained; and is passionate about helping youth.
  • Girls are taught only the female reproductive system and female puberty facts.
  • Boys are taught only the male reproductive system and male puberty facts.
  • Sex is defined as: “any contact with or touching of another person’s private parts that are usually covered by a swimsuit.”
  • We always try to make the learning in our classes as fun as possible through various activities.
  • Topics:
    • Lesson 1: Friends and Family – The importance of choosing good friends and communicating with parents/guardians.
    • Lesson 2: Puberty – Gender specific anatomy review, taught using medical terms. (Please note: if students are using slang terms, they did not learn them in the classroom.) Changes in the body and emotions are normal.
    • Lesson 3: Benefits of Waiting – How choosing abstinence can help to shape a bright future. Definitions used in 6th grade:
      • Fertilization: the joining of the female’s egg and the male’s sperm that begins the process of pregnancy.
      • Sexual Activity: any contact with or touching of another person’s private parts that are usually covered by a swimsuit.
    • Lesson 4: Media and Goal Setting – Pros and Cons of various forms of media. How to set and achieve goals.
    • Lesson 5: Sexual Abuse and How to Say No – Warning signs and dangerous situations. How to say no to pressure.
    • Lesson 6: Review.

Parents/Guardians: It is our experience that students, especially at this age, feel more comfortable when you discuss these topics with them before this class. Thank you. We look forward to teaching your child and partnering with you in providing important information to encourage healthy and safe choices. Detailed lessons are available for viewing in your school’s front office.


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