We welcome all students to Granite Mountain School, including those who live outside the district boundaries. New student enrollment for 2016-2017 is ongoing at Granite Mountain. Please call or visit our school.

Granite Mountain School, for all 5th & 6th graders, offers every student a unique and enhanced educational experience that will meet their needs and prepare them for future educational success. Our students are provided a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) infused curriculum that challenges student thinking and understanding about content area concepts and how those concepts apply to real-world experiences. Technology and blended learning are integrated into our students’ educational journey throughout the school day. Granite Mountain provides our students with large school opportunities in a small school climate. Every student has the choice to participate in band, orchestra, or choir. In addition, our students are provided a well-rounded educational experience that includes art and PE. Students are also able to participate in a wide variety of after-school clubs and intramural sports options. Our 5th and 6th grade students have the opportunity to discover their strengths and how to use these skills as they grow into middle school, high school, college, and careers.

gmmsEvery family has different needs and priorities when choosing a school. That’s why it’s important to sort through the characteristics that are most important to you and your child. In addition to getting the basic tools needed to become a strong citizen, valued employee, entrepreneur, or leader of tomorrow, you’ll want to consider issues such as location, philosophy, parental involvement, test scores, music, arts, athletics, special needs, extracurricular activities and even transportation and food services.

The best way to learn more about all of the above is by visiting our school. To arrange your visit, contact the school directly. We look forward to meeting you soon!