Grades 9-12 English

AP English
English 9
Pre-AP English 9

English 10
Block English 10
Pre-AP English 10

English 11
Pre-AP English 11

English 12
AP English Lit & Comp 12
English 12/ENG 101/102
Language Arts Lab

Grades 9-12 Mathematics

Algebra I
Honors Algebra I
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II
Algebra III
AP Calculus AB
Business Tech Math
College Algebra/MTH 152
Honors Geometry
Integrated Math
Precalculus/MTH 187
Elementary Statistics/MTH 167
Mathematics Lab

Grades 9-12 Social Studies

AP Psychology
AP U.S. History
AP Comparative Government and Politics: US
AP World History
Comparative Economics
US AZ Government
US/AZ History
Block US/AZ History
AS-200 US/AZ History (JROTC)
World History
Introduction to Law

Grades 9-12 Career and Technical Education

A+ Computer Technician Certifications
Accounting I
Accounting II
Advanced Business Management
Auto Tech Core
Automotive Repair I
Automotive Repair II
Business Management and Admin Services
Journalism 1
Journalism 2, 3, 4
Introduction to Networking Technologies
Network – Certification

Grades 9-12 Physical Education

Boys PE/Health
Girls Advanced PE/Weight Training
Girls PE/Health
Weight Training
Advanced Weight Training
Adaptive PE/Health
AS-100 Physical Education (JROTC)

Grades 9-12 Other Electives

Child Development Sem. 1 /Sem. 2
Clothing/Fashion Q1 Q2
Life Connections
Student Council