Going the Extra Mile Award

Recognizing our employees for outstanding service – sponsored by PRO Financial Group and Credit Union West.


Prescott Unified School District is committed to a customer service initiative that focuses on providing excellent customer service to all district customers, internal and external. As part of this initiative, the district has adopted a Customer Service Pledge that includes simple but effective courtesies expected of all district staff.

Customer Service Pledge

We pledge to:

Courtesy and Respect

  • Treat you with respect and dignity, regardless of cultural or ethnic identities or language barriers.
  • Be courteous during our interactions.
  • Maintain your confidentiality and privacy.
  • Communicate with you from a positive perspective.


  • Acknowledge and greet you upon entrance into our facilities. If necessary, we will ask you to wait until we are finished with the customer we are currently serving.
  • Answer phone calls in a friendly and helpful manner, by saying, for example: “Prescott High School. This is Mary. May I help you?”
  • Ensure that information we provide to you is accurate and consistent, even if it requires a call back.
  • Use active listening techniques in our interactions.
  • Provide options for immediate assistance when a staff member is out of the office for more than one business day.


  • Take responsibility for helping you or directing you to the appropriate person who can meet your needs.
  • Return phone calls and emails within two business days. If this is impossible, we will let you know immediately and give you an estimated response time.
  • Provide a bilingual staff member to assist you as needed.


  • Create an inviting, family-friendly environment in all district facilities.
  • Wear our identification badges at all times.
  • Ensure that our facilities are easy to navigate and that signage is visible, understandable, and positive.
  • Clearly post our office hours.
  • Update all communications regularly.