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Grades 5-8 English

Grades 5-8 Science

Grades 5-8 Math

Grades 5-8 Social Studies

Grades 9-12 English

Grades 9-12 Science

Grades 9-12 Math

Grades 9-12 Social Studies


Posted 01/30/17
Through a collaborative committee process, Prescott Unified School District has reviewed curriculum for adoption for K-5 math and Kindergarten English Language Arts. The selected curriculum is comprehensive, standards-aligned, and developmentally appropriate. In accordance with board policy, this curriculum is available for public review online and in our district office at 146 South Granite Street in Prescott, Arizona. Please contact Mardi Read, Assistant Superintendent, at 928-445-5400, or for further information.

Elementary (K-5) Math – » EngageNY

Kindergarten Language Arts – » Reading Street

Contact Information

146 S. Granite St., Prescott AZ 86303
928-445-5400 | Fax 928-776-0243

Mardi Read, Assistant Superintendent | ext. 119

Kelli Bradstreet | Director of Professional Development & Instructional Coaches | ext. 115


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Prescott Unified School District offers standards-based instruction in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health & Physical Education, Foreign Language, Fine Arts, Music, and Computer Literacy. PUSD teachers work hard to align our curriculum to the Arizona Academic Standards and offer effective instruction for each student. Every year, committees of teachers from kindergarten through high school review and update the scope and sequence of a specific subject-area curriculum, verifying that state standards, concepts, and objectives are taught throughout the grade levels. They also review and select textbooks and materials to ensure the teaching of important concepts and skills at each grade level.

Along with basic academic curriculum, PUSD offers strong special education, gifted education, and career and technical education programs. For further information about these programs, go to our Programs and Services page.


Achievement test scores in PUSD reflect the hard-working efforts of our teachers and students. We are proud that our students’ scores in the following statewide assessments are consistently above the state and county averages. (For a more complete breakdown of student achievement scores, go to the Arizona Department of Education web pages.)

  • The TerraNova Achievement Test is given to second and ninth grade students. Reading, language, and mathematics are tested.
  • AIMS DPA, Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards Dual Purpose Assessment, is given to third through eighth grade students. This exam combines AIMS with TerraNova Achievement Test items in reading and mathematics. Writing is assessed by AIMS, using the 6-Trait Scoring Guide.
  • High school students are required to “Meet the Standards” on AIMS exams in reading, writing, and mathematics in order to graduate. They begin taking AIMS in their 10th grade year.
  • High school students who take the SAT and ACT college entrance exams regularly score above the state and national averages.